Subnautica Below Zero Announced (SPOILERS)

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Subnautica Below Zero will be a short sequel to the original game, more information here:

This would be amazing to participate in the Early Access.


I did not look through every note, but these are things I think are interesting:

This takes place after the events of Subnautica. The player will be a female, and they will apparently start out in a drop zone. There will also be various supply drops, most likely needed to establish a base. There will also bme more alien facilities.

It appears there will be additional base maintenance, and your base can be destroyed, and certain terrain features can also be broken. There will also be severe snowstorms that the player can seek refuge from in caves. There will also be something called a Spike Trap.

Several creatures will make a return, but there will also be several new creatures, such as Penguins and Rock Punchers.

Temperature will be the primary factor in survival, but there will be hot springs, and plants that provide heat.

Twisty Bridges and Lillypad Islands will be 2 new biomes in the upcoming chapter.

Hoverbike will be a new vehicle as a surface-only vehicle, heavily dependent on a Hoverpad to recharge. The bike will use up power, but will have an automatic shut off when the player is a certain distance away.

PRAWN Suit is removed as a vehicle, but a new vehicle will be added called a SeaTruck, which appears to have similar functionality of the PRAWN. The SeaTruck will also have some sort of fishing capability.

Lastly: Teleporter Room???


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