it's 2018, I have Half Life in steam, but can't install. Is it possible anymore?

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I saw another thread out there that talked about some issues (back in like 2015) with steam changes. Is there a way to get it to run today or is this abandonware now? I'd love to introduce it to my son, who I know would love it and we'd love to play together with others if it's still active. I have NS2.. but it doesn't run great on our computers because of their older GPUs.. any info would be appreciated!



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    bump.. maybe this is dead? I did play natural selection 2 and of course it has many similarities.. but it's still not the same. as someone who's owned NS2 for years but never could play until now due to past computers having insufficient GPU muscle, I'm surprised to see they got rid of the health bar circle around the base of objects.. this was so helpful at a glance.. still learning other differences in NS2.. seen a few minor things.. i miss the original alt click upgrade tree.. that was so innovative... new system seems more bogged down.. i guess with practice it becomes easier to understand.. but again.. odd choice they'd leave something so trademark and easy out of the replacement.
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    Oddly enough I wanted to view a map I made for good old original Natural Selection yesterday for a bit of inspiration for a project I am working on. You can definitely still install and play it. I was able to install and run around my map by creating a local server. I wa surprised to see a few dedicated servers still running, though they were all empty :(

    The issue I ran into may be the same for you. The NS installer was giving me an error saying something seemed wrong, and when I told it to try anyways it didn't work. After some searching I found that mods for Half Life 1 don't seem to work until you open up Half Life 1 itself and complete the training course. I assume it's writing some value somewhere that mods require. After I did that, the NS installer didn't give me a warning and it installed with a few clicks and even showed up in my Steam games list as it's own entry.

    Hope this helps!
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