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@IronHorse @BeigeAlert This is mainly directed at the CDT. I'd like to do some hard surface modeling (and potentially modding) practice with NS2 concept art, but my collection of reference images is limited. Are there anymore of Cory Strader's concepts outside of the deluxe art book, Google Images, Pinterest, moddb, etc. that can still be publicly released? I'm looking for marine-related objects like weapons and props that aren't already in-game, but anything related to NS2/1 would be great.

Alternatively, does anyone know which real life weapons, industrial tools, etc. were used as inspiration for the marine designs?
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    Quick update: Today, I created the gas cylinder (the empty space behind the top rail where the optics accessory is located), the top rail, and pretty much finished the magazine. Screenshots of the low poly cage below. I haven't cleaned up the topology enough (besides the safety and the magazine) to show the high poly model yet:
    Base mesh wireframe.
    Need to figure out how the picatinny rail connects to the rest of the gun. Then the outer shell of the gun would be pretty much done. Online reference images can be limited and I don't own this gun (nor any guns), lol.
    For comparison, this was my progress last week.

    I'm still deciding whether to create a dot sight (I like the ITL MARS's shape), BUIS's, or all of them. As a default configuration, I'm leaning towards BUIS's and an empty top rail for better screen visibility from first person view. The rail would allow for scope mods in the future, but this is a pipe dream for now since I'm not experienced in modding/coding yet. Baby steps. :)

    Thanks for the likes btw! Again, I'm not experienced in guns, so if anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
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    I need a HMG Mod for the HMG in ns1... same model same sounds ... just polished... the current machinegun is just annoying, I never want to buy that
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    There was a badass HMG model being worked on, but I think it turned into vaporware.

    @Nominous Any updates? ns desperately needs some new content.
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    @_Grendel_ My apologies, I've been working like crazy on another related project that I can't share just yet. I will later and hopefully some people will find it useful. :) It's halted all progress on the TAR-21 in the meantime.

    Concerning the rifle, I managed to fill in the empty space under the picatinny rail and boolean (combine) the separate optics accessory pieces onto the flat planes underneath them. I also modeled all of the empty spots underneath the gun like the magazine well. The magazine is complete and appropriately curved. The outer shell of the gun is pretty much complete, and I'll work on creating the inner shell next for all of those holes seen in the screenshots above. Still need to decide on what backup sights to model and whether I need to create the inside of the ejector port (bolt, etc.) for animating purposes. Will post recent screenshots when I can.
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    Hey guys, it's been two months since my last update. I don't have anything new to share concerning the rifle model, but I hope to finish it sooner or later. No promises concerning a mod anytime soon, but I'm still interested in trying on my own later. I'd still need to create textures in Substance Painter as well as animations for weapon switching and reloading in order for it to become a fully-fledged mod.

    As hinted in my last post, I have some gifts to share with you all that you might enjoy for the holidays. :)

    Before I go on, I must mention that Tactical Gamer was by far my most favorite server to play on these past few years. It was always a mature, friendly environment that encouraged teamplay even though I constantly focused on improving my solo skill. Due to recent real life obligations by Wyzcrak, its long-time server owner, TGNS shut down on 10/13/17. A month before the scheduled shutdown was announced, roughly 50 TGNS members gathered on a newly-created Discord channel in order to celebrate its legacy and keep in touch with one another. Creating an online hub to communicate with our friends was one priority. We also wanted to show Wyz our appreciation for the decade-and-a-half worth of work he's done in NS1 and NS2. In our own sub-channel, we secretly crowdfunded and commissioned a variety of NS2 memorabilia in order to gift to him. For our mutual pleasure, Wyz has provided a photo album of all the gifts he received.

    Sums up the TGNS countdown.

    One of my favorite memories of Wyz.

    For your enjoyment, attached are the .stl files we used to order the 3D prints from Shapeways using their Strong & Flexible Polished material. Included are the CC, ARC, Obs, and Whip. All models belong to Unknown Worlds Entertainment:

    CC_9.95cm_StrongFlex1.stl (Cm: 12.734 x / 13.374 y / 10.296 z)
    ARC_7cm_StrongFlex1.stl (Cm: 5.744 x / 10.2 y / 7.08 z)
    Obs_7cm_StrongFlex1.stl (Cm: 4.324 x / 3.394 y / 7.008 z)
    Whip_8cm_StrongFlex1.stl (Cm: 5.466 x / 6.246 y / 8.002 z)

    The dimensions listed next to the filenames were used in order to print these in S&F Polished. If you wish to print them using other Shapeways materials, you might need to scale them up in order to meet minimum wall thickness requirements. Either that or import the files into a 3D modeling application such as 3ds Max and make manual edits.

    If you wish to convert the in-game models into 3D prints, you must first opt into the Steam beta entitled build_207 - Archived Build for Art Source. By doing so, you'll download this old build and prevent you from playing online until you switch back to the current build. If you wish to do so, in Steam, navigate to Games > View Games Library. Right-click Natural Selection 2, click Properties, and in the Betas tab, enter forthemodders in the dialog box (thank you, Remi!). Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Natural Selection 2\assets\modelsrc and you should find a .zip file with the original models contained within. The extracted .max files can only be opened in 3ds Max. If you wish to convert other in-game models into 3D prints, here are some tips:

    Most of the marine structures transform in-game through animations, so they are made up of multiple, separate meshes that intersect with one another. In order to 3D print them, they must be made into one contiguous, watertight mesh. In 3ds Max, the easiest way to first combine them into one mesh is by using the ProBoolean modifier. There are plenty of online tutorials for doing this. This will result in many stray vertices, which can be cleaned up using the Selection > Edges = 2 function within the ribbon and deleting the selected vertices.

    Even after combining all meshes into one for a certain model, 3D prints must be made hollow in order to be cost-efficient. 3D prints cost a lot more if the model is entirely solid since more material (or filament for home printers) is used. For example, the CC contains command panels, a floor, etc. when it's open. I printed the CC in its closed form, so there's no point in the inside being viewable. Therefore, I spent a lot of time deleting the insides. Also, I had to fill in the gaps that the original model showed from the outside-in. This is largely up to artistic license, and I tried my best to merge geometry without greatly affecting the original silhouette of the CC. This will also apply to whatever NS2 models you choose to edit for printing.

    Happy Holidays,
    Your Friends at TGNS :)
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    Hey guys, it's been awhile. :) Hope you've all been well. The rifle is indefinitely on hold until I can manage to make a simpler asset and successfully animate it as well as make it a usable mod. I had a lot of setbacks finishing the rifle's high poly due to inexperience with creating variable chamfer widths in 3ds Max and general aspects of the modeling process for complex models. I should have made something simpler like a switch-axe replacement to make my first attempt at modding easier. Baby steps, though.

    On the bright side, I recently started modeling a revolver based on the Chiappa Rhino 60DS. I really like the gun design since it's a bit sci-fi. Also, it's conveniently shaped like one of our lifeforms (rhino = onos):


    The high poly is almost done, but I probably need to make the chamfer amounts larger to make them more noticeable from farther distances. Once I fix this, I can start tweaking the low poly meshes, UVing, and texturing. I'm still inexperienced with animation, and figuring out how I need to setup bones compared to the in-game first person marine models will probably take a few months for me to learn due to the lack of comprehensive Spark tutorials. That is if I'm motivated enough to learn all this after completing the revolver for my art portfolio. I want to get hired in the game industry solely as a 3D modeler after all.

    There are bits of info here and there hidden in various threads that potential modders like me have to scrounge up to get started. While I love NS2 and truly wish to create custom assets, it feels like a waste of time for me to attempt to pioneer techniques that were already discovered by experienced modders like @Evil_Ice. The lack of shared knowledge here really is a shame. Evil_Ice is by far the most well-renown and experienced of asset creators, and it would have been great to get some insight into his pipeline, but he has abandoned NS2 completely for the past four years if his thread is any indicator. Anyway, animating and modding is something I'll worry about after I finish this model. Sorry to vent. :)

    tl;dr I'd appreciate guidance on NS2 animation and modding by an experienced asset creator.
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    If you have any questions about animations, feel free to PM me here or on Discord.
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