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@IronHorse @BeigeAlert This is mainly directed at the CDT. I'd like to do some hard surface modeling (and potentially modding) practice with NS2 concept art, but my collection of reference images is limited. Are there anymore of Cory Strader's concepts outside of the deluxe art book, Google Images, Pinterest, moddb, etc. that can still be publicly released? I'm looking for marine-related objects like weapons and props that aren't already in-game, but anything related to NS2/1 would be great.

Alternatively, does anyone know which real life weapons, industrial tools, etc. were used as inspiration for the marine designs?
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    Quick update: Today, I created the gas cylinder (the empty space behind the top rail where the optics accessory is located), the top rail, and pretty much finished the magazine. Screenshots of the low poly cage below. I haven't cleaned up the topology enough (besides the safety and the magazine) to show the high poly model yet:
    Base mesh wireframe.
    Need to figure out how the picatinny rail connects to the rest of the gun. Then the outer shell of the gun would be pretty much done. Online reference images can be limited and I don't own this gun (nor any guns), lol.
    For comparison, this was my progress last week.

    I'm still deciding whether to create a dot sight (I like the ITL MARS's shape), BUIS's, or all of them. As a default configuration, I'm leaning towards BUIS's and an empty top rail for better screen visibility from first person view. The rail would allow for scope mods in the future, but this is a pipe dream for now since I'm not experienced in modding/coding yet. Baby steps. :)

    Thanks for the likes btw! Again, I'm not experienced in guns, so if anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
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    luks kuuuuul!!
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    I need a HMG Mod for the HMG in ns1... same model same sounds ... just polished... the current machinegun is just annoying, I never want to buy that
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