Buildable Lifepods

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It would be cool to scan the lifepod wrecks. “They wouldn’t make the wrecks disappear” so you could build a dockable lifepod to put in in the vehicle bay in the cyclops sub so when you need to abandon ship you launch the pod as you would escaping the Aurora and then the floatation devices would deploy floating you to the surface. I guess you would also have the same functionality and usage of the pod similar to Lifepod 5. What do you think?


  • jamintheinfinite_1jamintheinfinite_1 Jupiter Join Date: 2016-12-03 Member: 224524Members
    Or you could just use the seamoth or prawn when the cyclops blows up. You know, so you can actually escape when it blows up in a cave
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    Why are people so entranced by using or repairing escape pods, or repairing the Aurora?
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    I don't see what purpose the lifepod would have outside of role playing. And it's way too big to fit inside or attached to a cyclops.

    The other point is interesting though - maybe later in the he you can use the fabricator or something to break them down. Both to give you some resources and also so they are gone from the game world. Closure for each haha.
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    EvilSmoo wrote: »
    Why are people so entranced by using or repairing escape pods, or repairing the Aurora?

    I've always seen them to be used in a fashion like pontoon boats, where once repaired they can skim across the surface of the water. It would be nice if they could be piloted around, since much of the early game entails drudging across the map multiple times, and then having to always return to the Lifepod for every little thing. But once you get your bases going, then you never see it again (despite it nursing you back to health and keeping you alive after tragedy... we're such ungrateful jerks) :wink:

    But while we're on the subject, the Lifepod is equipped with three solar power cells, which obviously generates power for the unit... but why does it gain power during the night? Despite the moon being so close to the planet, it shouldn't be able to generate that much power from the light. I feel it would be more realistic to give it Solar Panel logic, so that the nighttimes would offer more tension.

    And also, there's the logic-breaking issue when crafting many items, the power HUD inside the lifepod turns yellow below 15 units, and then red when it hits 0... but somehow, the lights stay on and the radio continues working? If the crafting device can't be used below 10 units, why doesn't the entire pod shut down until minimal power is restored? At the very least, the lights should dim when the system is in the yellow - the 'pod should know better to conserve power when it's in critical stages. :confused:
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    I would absolutely love to be able to 'pilot' Lifepod 5 and it would make sense that it would have some kind of minimal propulsion system. The problem unfortunately is that the devs had an absolute devil of a time with the pod randomly drifting out to sea when you were away, and never did pin down why. They finally had to "use the nuclear option" of not letting it move at all. I don't think they'd be too keen to reopen that can of worms.

    As for deconstructing them, I would say that should require a decently expensive upgrade (perhaps via the Modification Station to the handheld scanner) to counterbalance being able to scan a few pods and suddenly have a ton of resources at hand.
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