Lost River! Lost-lost river more likely

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Seriously, Lost River is rage-quit material. I presume the difficult layout is intentional right? That's good, but because of the shit-poor rendering/draw distance, path finding is impossible when in Prawn. When you think you see a gap, it turns out to be a roof or wall. It's funny though: I aimed for a gap, hit the thrusters and sure enough, when closing in, the roof rendered. So I sunk again and aimed for a grey square where I presumed ground to be. But alas, it rendered into the lava pits which made me die. Rage-quit material I tell you. (and Bloom and other gizmos were even turned off/lowest)


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    This is probably happening because if it didn't, your console would most likely explode.

    The Xbox is hard to optimize for, fam.

    (Coming from a PC player lmao I wouldn't fully know)
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    Well said, Jochi Khasar. Well said.
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    Well, a lot of other games which look better seem to have no problems what so ever.... Wolfenstein, AC, Forza 7 to name a few. But granted, these are triple-A stuff and SN should still be regarded as an Indie. A very good Indie. Make no mistake, I like SN a LOT.
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    *pc master race joke*
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    SeaBuddy wrote: »
    *pc master race joke*

    True, true, but then......., my last Xb1 cost me 195 € - Forza Horizon 3, DLC and Forza Motorsport 7 included. My i5 with Geforce 960 was 1.000 € 3 years ago-nothing included

    And of course, the master joke is not applicable as I mention all games being on XB1.
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