Lost River! Lost-lost river more likely

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Seriously, Lost River is rage-quit material. I presume the difficult layout is intentional right? That's good, but because of the shit-poor rendering/draw distance, path finding is impossible when in Prawn. When you think you see a gap, it turns out to be a roof or wall. It's funny though: I aimed for a gap, hit the thrusters and sure enough, when closing in, the roof rendered. So I sunk again and aimed for a grey square where I presumed ground to be. But alas, it rendered into the lava pits which made me die. Rage-quit material I tell you. (and Bloom and other gizmos were even turned off/lowest)


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    This is probably happening because if it didn't, your console would most likely explode.

    The Xbox is hard to optimize for, fam.

    (Coming from a PC player lmao I wouldn't fully know)
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    Well, a lot of other games which look better seem to have no problems what so ever.... Wolfenstein, AC, Forza 7 to name a few. But granted, these are triple-A stuff and SN should still be regarded as an Indie. A very good Indie. Make no mistake, I like SN a LOT.
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    *pc master race joke*
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    SeaBuddy wrote: »
    *pc master race joke*

    True, true, but then......., my last Xb1 cost me 195 € - Forza Horizon 3, DLC and Forza Motorsport 7 included. My i5 with Geforce 960 was 1.000 € 3 years ago-nothing included

    And of course, the master joke is not applicable as I mention all games being on XB1.
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    You are talking about the far SW entrance to the LR (600M); about 300M from LP2; stay on the East side of the cave, or move to the acid-fall and hover. Use Exo to gather materials. The ghost will keep attacking the Exo or the moth.
    This is the best place to get Nickel, Sulphur, Rubys and Diamonds
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    Hi Joseph, the Ghost Leviathan, is a pain, but, you can use decoy torpedos to lure the GL, off, and as long as you travel slowly and stick to the edges of the biome, you should be fine. Following the left hand edge of the biome, past the skull of the dead leviathan, you'll come to a big waterfall; now for ease of access if you are above and behind the waterfall, just as it flows over the ledge, turn 90 degrees to the right, move towards the cave wall, and you should see a steady slope leading down and to the left, this will lead you under the waterfall. Now I'm presuming you've got all of the depth improvements for the Cyclops and PRAWN suit, as you'll need them. This is your easy access point for the PRAWN suit, and leads you to the Lava biome, where you can get Kyonite. Hope this helps. Oh yes, don't forget to use Silent Running, module, this too will help with avoiding the GL.
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    I usually take the southern blood kelp entrance. Yes, its a nightmare getting down there, but, if you hug the edge of the cave, and avoid the head of the gargantuan skeleton, you can avoid the Ghost Leviathan altogether.
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