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I've recently had a huge thunderstorm in my area (Real Life :P) while playing Subnautica. Then I thought to myself that there should be a weather update which could Include: Thunderstorms, Possible waterspout(s) (Tornado(s) In water) seen In the distance, Hurricanes?, (Not really weather related) - When the Aurora explodes maybe a huge wave could come sweeping at your lifepod but dies down before It can destroy your lifepod / Damage It, Foggy nights/days.

I have thought this through and for this type of game and where Its placed does seem weird to have this kind of weather but maybe you guys have a opinion about Weather In Subnautica?

Make sure to leave your opinions down below. Speak freely.


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    Would love to see weather effects come into play. Weather, currents, waves. With two moons in such close proximity of the waterworld, the tides and waves would likely be wild to say the least. I'm curious how close and far away the planet gets to the sun, seasons would be interesting. If you survive long enough, seasons could change potentially. Any or all of that would be amazing. Such things could make piloting, swimming, food gathering easier or more difficult, could damage systems on ships or hull including bases, potentially destroy crops placed on land or outside underwater bases, make shallow water bases due to unusual tides go from low pressure then suddenly the sea rises and it's under 60 meters of water instead of 10 meters of water or maybe even exposing shallow bases to air above water due to an extremely rare low tide. Numerous possibilities to have to contend with on a possible violent weather waterworld. This planet screams crazy tides and weather because of other planetary bodies being so close.
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    Of all the things they could add, weather would be bottom of my list. How much time do you spend on the surface? Now tides, ya that could be cool.
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    sPeaRr0 wrote: »
    Of all the things they could add, weather would be bottom of my list. How much time do you spend on the surface? Now tides, ya that could be cool.

    Weather would highly effect life underwater. It could even change where animals go.
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    On the Xbox version anything close to a drop of rain would crash the game
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    Considering that the Degasi crew struggled with weather on the floating island, I think it should exist.
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    I like the idea of something like don't starve RoG where different seasons mean different challenges.
    Of course it isn't Earth so it wouldn't be identical, but here are some ideas.

    "Autumn": probably the same, a peaceful period like in don't starve,

    "Winter": layers of ice grow on the surface of the water, which can damage your base if it extends out, also can damage seamoth, temperatures can go low enough to freeze you, nights would be longer potentially screwing you if you use solely solar panels and/or thermal plants, if it gets thick enough it can block the player (thermoblades and hardened blades are better for cutting through the ice. Also your base would use more power to keep you warm.

    "Spring": It would be raining almost always making it difficult to see the aurora, and the for would intercept signals, decreasing the range of beacons. The water would rise constantly (until summer) making it difficult to keep track of your base, in some places algae would grow, making it difficult to see, also stalkers, sand sharks, and other hostile creatures will be more aggressive, and the biggest one of all, there would be TONS of bleeders. The good side is that plants that get rained on grow a lot faster. The water would have a slightly lower salt content, making separation not take as long

    "Summer" Extreme heat can overheat you if you go outside, and also drains water much faster. Getting out of water and on to land for short periods cools you down, as well as going deeper down. Heat can get very extreme as it is already a tropical environment. The heat can damage your seamoth, but lubricant helps keep it from having the wires damaged. Glass windows let sunlight get in and heat up inside your base, which is bad. fish, particularly surface fish like bladderfish and boomerangs will be almost non existant and can be found dead on the surface, partly cooked.
    Since the water is being boiled, the salt concentration increases and makes it take longer to use the saltwater seperator.
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    I agree, i'm a sucker for weather effects especially in survival games so it would be amazing to see it implemented in subnautica, though i understand the potential performance and other issues that could come along. Though I am a firm believer that if there are significant issues with performance on console there is no reason keep it away from the PC players while kinks are worked out on console. That said there are other things i'd like to see in subnautica that take precedent over weather. Certain bugs or glitches still on PC obviously need to be worked out, the creature clipping through terrain and certain distance rendering issues come to mind. Best case scenario in my opinion is one or 2 fix patches and then a dlc a few months down the road where they add arctic biome/weather and whatever else they have planned. And just a quick disclaimer I am simply a gamer lol, not a game developer so the devs probably have a better idea/plan of whats needed, what they can do and how long it'll take.
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    There might not be seasons. We only have seasons on earth due to us being off axis due to an ancient planetary strike. If a planet is parallel axis to the star it would always be spring/autumn and summer at the equator.

    With that said. I'd love a storm or few.
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