Abysmal UI torpedoes Subnautica's gameplay - No survivors

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While the game is pretty beautiful and atmospheric, I'm not spending most of my time diving and exploring, nope, instead I'm fighting the UI.
The biggest culprits being the Inventory management and Fabricator screen.

I don't know what UWE was thinking when they designed this system, but I'm baffled why they want players to spend hours dragging 2D icons from left to right and right to left. It's zero fun whatsoever. All the time I'm running out of space, including the lifepod's storage, so that I set up half a dozen external containers underneath the pod... with the result that I now have to spend even more time juggling items around whenever I want to produce something novel: "Do I still have Copper and Sulfur? Hell, I don't know, have to check and shovel through containers. Again..." [5 minutes later] "Fuck, now my Pod inventory is full and my player inventory as well." [5 minutes later] "What did I need again? Oh, it was Copper Wire, but I just turned all my Titanium into an Ingot" [5 minutes later ad infinitum, amen]

1.) Why are there no Lifepod storage extensions? I don't want to jump out of the pod, dig through 10 floating containers and run swim back to the Fabricator several times. It's just tedious busywork and all this time spent staring at an inventory screen is not what I had in mind when I installed an underwater exploration game. It's as much fun as spending 8 hours with an Excel spreadsheet... and when it comes down to grinding through inventory tables, I'd rather get paid.
2.) Why doesn't the Fabricator take the pod's storage into account? Yet another couple hours of accumulated mindless shovelwork...
3.) And why isn't there one big unified (and extensible) Base Storage?

In short: Subnautica is sabotaging itself with a UI that stands in the way and acts as a constant unnerving grindstone instead of simply getting out of the way and letting me enjoy the exploration, diving, underwater atmosphere and music.

*I ordered Sub EA in May 2015 and opted to wait for the release version.


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