Just speculating on the Planet 4546B



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    Okay I can't be the only one who wants giant floaters holding up the playable area :p

    I thought it was 4 Elephants on the back of a massive Space Turtle.
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    its a gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. end point.


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    I've always liked to think of the void as an extremely deep area around the edge. I always imagined giant sea monsters there that could inhale the sea dragon through its gills and not even notice...


    I would never play this game again if that came up behind me.
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    its a gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. end point.

    Shhh! We can't play at work and so must engage in crazy, off-the-wall discussions about all things Subnautica.... until we get off the clock. :)
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    Yes, but if the planet is all ocean the, moon would not have an affect on the planet for large waves. The gravity of the planet would exert the same amount of force over the entire planets surface, therefor eliminating the possibility for large waves.

    Whether the planet is completely covered in ocean or not is completely irrelevant. The gravitational force of any natural satellite in orbit, like our moon, will pull on these large bodies of water causing a bulge. This bulge will follow the orbit and will cause tides. With two moons in orbit, the game would be more realistic if the sea level rises or falls as these moons pass over.

    Also, one of the moons is so closeby that it may well be beyond the Roche limit, as already mentioned, which ought to obliterate it into a ring system.
    The moon would not be in an orbit at all, in actuality, Planet 4546B is orbiting the moon. I know this sounds crazy, but the gravity of the planet after you leave its atmosphere is very small. Because of the small amount of gravity past the planets atmosphere, it makes it possible for the moon to be extra close, the moon have no affect on waves and such, and have Planet 4546B orbiting its moon

    Well, it does not only sound crazy, it IS crazy. If planet 4546B is orbiting its "moon", then it wouldn't be a planet, but a moon itself, and its "moon" would be the planet. Also, this would make no difference whatsoever for the gravitational pull. The proximity of two celestial bodies will attract all mass, and those parts of that mass that is fluid will tend to move towards the closest point towards the other body.
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    Lonnehart wrote: »
    Just a few things about Planet 4546B I've been wondering about...

    1. Is the landmass we're playing on some kind of plateau? The entire playable area appears to be on some kind of rocky structure jutting out from the ocean which seems to be endlessly deep.

    2. Is there more than one plateau on this world? There can't be just one I think...

    3. How the heck did this thing form? I only have two guesses... Either the entire plateau is a gigantic meteorite that landed on its end on the planet's hard water surface with the end we're on gradually eroded away so most of it is underwater. Or some alien civilization built the thing artificially.

    4. I bet the planet is pretty gigantic and the landmass we're on is tiny. With ships disappearing around the planet for thirty years before the game's story I'm guessing most of those ships ended up in the deep ocean abyss...

    Just some thoughts about Planet 4546B. Any other thoughts or comments to add? :)

    Well now that the game is out, going to the edge will give you a PDA log stating that the entire playable map is a meteor crater. If they were planning on creating an entire planet, one, that would be insanely time consuming, and two, would take up a lot of space. So they just went with sticking with the (relatively) small landmass in game. I really love the geology of the game with the cave systems and whatnot, there's just something so interesting about everything from the planet working in tandem and all being connected to the lava zone through vents and whatnot. Sorry about that tangent. Anyway it's canon that the map is an impact crater.
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    @Destructor1123 Isn't it a volcanic crater? There is a meteor crater in the dunes area though.
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    So, thanks to the Youtuber IGP, we know that the bottom of the void is 3000m so it does have a bottom.

    If your wondering were I'm going with this well idk so I'm done here bye xD
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    Jacke wrote: »
    Okay I can't be the only one who wants giant floaters holding up the playable area :p

    I thought it was 4 Elephants on the back of a massive Space Turtle.

    Its floaters, all the way down.
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