Sea Crown plants (koosh biome and needed for hatching enzymes) seem to be disabled.

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I have been searching for hours now trying to find the sea crown plants that i need to complete the hatching enzymes. I searched every biome before looking to the guides, which every last one says the only place they exist is the koosh biome. I searched that for hours and the only 4 plants i find are the spotted dock leaf, the blue bulb things, and then some kinds of pink grass and reddish grass that my scanner wont identify.

Was the location of sea crown changed or are they disabled pending the launch?


  • FathomFathom Earth Join Date: 2016-07-01 Member: 219405Members
    There are two locations I know of:
    In the plateaus directly west of the crash zone is quite in the middle a deep cave where straight down you will find one.
    In the cracks of the containment facility aquarium you can find a few.
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    Ok, thanks, i will look there next. I have a base near the containment facility. Though it's strange that a plant that in my last 3 play throughs was in the Koosh zone would suddenly not be there.
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    So there wasn't any sea crown near the containment facility, but I did find the plateau with the cave entrance that goes into that large sink hole and found some there. Thanks for the help Fathom.
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    @GameSage You got it a little bit wrong for that second suggested location.
    "IN" the containment facility, not near it! :)
  • LordCurlytonLordCurlyton USA Join Date: 2018-01-16 Member: 235109Members
    I found the koosh zone ones easy enough...once your realize that all the markers for lifepods et al given by the game essentially point you to all the things you need. It just happens that Sea Crown is very rare and hard to miss if you've never seen it before.
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