Possible future uses for the unused area under the cyclops engine room?

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I was thinking maybe a modular room approach, perhaps multiple dedicated room modules (with their own blueprints) and you'd get to pick and choose based on your current goals. For example maybe a miniaturized version of the scanner room with a drone bay, a dedicated weapons room that autoloads from an expanded torpedo storage, or even just a second mini power plant for the engine. It feels weird at how a whole corridor of space is wasted down there when perhaps some more advanced quality of life tech could be there.

I'd proposed this in a reddit thread here:

Other uses also chimed in with more module ideas like a rear docking bay module.


  • EvilSmooEvilSmoo Join Date: 2008-02-16 Member: 63662Members
    I like drone bay and better power generation. Also, the minisub bay needs ability to access cargo and upgrades of both minisubs, without launching.
  • DragoWhoovesDragoWhooves UK Join Date: 2017-05-30 Member: 230836Members
    +1 the Cyclops needs more customization options
  • Sam_StarfallSam_Starfall Join Date: 2017-05-21 Member: 230665Members
    A (large) storage system that can be accessed from both inside and outside, bonus if from the Prawn with a normal arm.
    It would make gathering resources faster.
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    How about it opens up like a docking bay but actually has storage that is in the water sealed containers and can have stuff be put in or take out also a small O2 thing would be there so you don't drown and when you enter the cyclops a button has to be pressed to close the door and access the sealed dry room.
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    +1 the Cyclops needs more customization options

    Perhaps like the upgrade slots in the smaller vehicles, but with bigger and higher tier modules? That would be sweet.
    A (large) storage system that can be accessed from both inside and outside, bonus if from the Prawn with a normal arm.
    It would make gathering resources faster.

    Now that would really make Cyclops useful. Especially in the more predator-crowded areas.
  • FathomFathom Earth Join Date: 2016-07-01 Member: 219405Members
    Unused area? That's where I put 20 storage lockers. Only unused part is the little ramp up towards the ladders.
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    edited November 2017
    I saw "weapons room" TRIGGERED
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    I would love to have a second docking Bay upgrade, I always end up picking the prawn over the seamoth but I miss using the seamoth to explore in the late game.
  • TarkannenTarkannen North Carolina Join Date: 2016-08-15 Member: 221304Members
    No offense to anyone, but screw the underside of the Aurora Engine Room :tongue: As much as I'd like to see something put in again as an Easter Egg, or some secret of sorts, I highly request that the oft-neglected Science Lab (Medical Bay?) be put to SOME marginal use before 1.0 launches! I know I know, the Transfuser has been delayed indefinitely and so forth, but come on! The Exosuit Bay 'secret area' houses a shortcut through the Aurora, has the blackbox terminal... and a Lab terminal that grants one measly Blueprint. Why is all of this area that's of no practical use locked behind a Steel Door, two locked security doors and a literal fire wall (depending on which way you first enter it). There's all of this modeled space in the Aurora that has no value to the story, much less anything else of interest. :pensive:

    The Data Coils seems functional, but oddly enough have no scan data nor anything to gain from them... Should they be repaired in order to gain access to something from the area? Or is there some crazy experiment that you can try to finish up on your own? Then there's the wayward PDA near the coils that gives access to the Science Lab. Why do we need the Repulsion Cannon anyways when the Propulsion Cannon works just fine as it is. And finally the actual Lab is fully modeled and rendered, but there's all of this "(non-functional)" equipment inside. If we can't make any use of it (now or later), why even keep it in the game? :neutral:

    I kind of get that this would likely have been the stepping-off point for the Transfuser access and creating Serums. But even without Serums I really wish they would add something more of value in here, whether it's just more data to unlock or something new and interesting to add to the database... maybe some base doodad like the Coffee Machine that adds whimsy? I dunno, I just feel that this neglected part of the ship needs to have... I dunno something, anything! of practical interest to justify having its existence on the Aurora in the first place. And while I agree, re-purposing the Engine Room tunnel for something would be fun, I would much rather have the areas of the ship that already exist but have minimal story impact to be focused on first. :blush:
  • 0x6A72320x6A7232 US Join Date: 2016-10-06 Member: 222906Members
    Data Coils might not be able to operate on only emergency backup power. Like trying to power a hard disk to recover data using a solar / button cell calculator battery to power it. Ain't happening, not enough current to run the motor (not sure about an SSD, but probably still not enough to properly operate the memory chips there, either).
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