Ingots + Resource Farms

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It's a common problem in the game - courtesy of current build, random luck or whatever, you can end up with a useless surplus of some materials. But you don't want to discard them because resources don't respawn and you never know if you might want them. Eventually. But in the meantime they just take up a lot of locker space.

We can currently convert 10 titanium into 1 ingot. If we could do that for other materials and also reverse the process, i.e. 1 ingot --> 10 raw materials, that might help a lot with storage.

Resource Farms

In the alien thermal plant, there's a renewable ion crystal deposit. So at least the precursor aliens seem to have the technology to create matter out of energy. If we could replicate that technology even in a more limited fashion, players might not need to hoard materials and it might also give the game enhanced longevity.

It could work as a base exterior module (because you'd need to use the prawn suit to mine it). Much, much, much more slowly than the ion crystal deposit in the thermal plant and it could require a LOT of energy. You insert 1 raw resource as the seed. After some time (maybe several in-game days) it builds a drillable resource deposit. Given the energy requirements you might do this above water with lots of solar panels. Or down deep with lots of thermal plants. Or since this would also give you renewable uranite, nuclear might be a good way to go.


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