The new update has killed xbox ones

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hey guys so just to warn some of you on my youtube channel alot of my subscribers have reported that they had there xbox ones brake cuz if this update and if so then it must be a very bad save bug todo so also you can check out my channel if you like to and see for yourself kind regards


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    What do you mean with "xbox one brake"

    Just to make sure, but do you mean it is bricked (broken) and cannot startup at all anymore? I'm sure Subnautica can't actually break an Xbone on hardware or operating system level...

    Also this video? You kinda left us without easy click access to your channel :D


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    Software on the xbox runs in a virtual machine so it is unlikely to 'break' the console as it's quite isolated. Game breaking maybe..
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    Honestly, the segmented-OS system Microsoft employed in the XB1 was arguably the smartest OS decision it's made in years. That even Ubisoft and Bioware haven't managed to kill an Xbox by bug is pretty compelling evidence. ;)
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    Subnautica breaking the Xbox is the biggest nonsense there is and only causes confusion to those who think this could realy happen.
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    If that person's XBox really did die, it was probably due to something else and just a coincidence. But if you can get some evidence that's more than just anecdotal, it would be a really interesting problem.
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    I think we've basically closed the issue. Glad I didn't redownload the game again. I'm gonna wait until the game is finished and polished before I do my let's play
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