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I think that the spectator HUD needs a complete overhaul. It just looks a little messy and strange for a game with a pretty polished HUD for in-game players. Perhaps as a change the team player bars get modified so that they don't look so intrusive on the screen (get rid of the bright blue/orange colors, it stands out too much). Same with the tech point box, just tweak it to look less intrusive. Does anybody have any better ideas on how to improve on the spectator HUD?
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    Just a simple remove HUD button is all i want so i can record matches/moments.
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    Dilligaf wrote: »
    Just a simple remove HUD button is all i want so i can record matches/moments.

    Try r_gui in the console ;) You could even bind it to a key via using bind KEY r_gui in the console.
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    Actually pressing the 4 button as spectator does remove the HUD unless you spectate first person.
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