Three new creature concepts.

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Hi all, I was just brainstorming some unique creature ideas and putting them on here out of the blue.

The first creature I thought up is called the River Feeder. It is a medium sized neutral creature found feeding on bacteria in the "rivers" in the lost river. It has a strange mouth with many long skinny glowing blue tongues coming out of its mouth. Sucking up the brine and filtering it back out into normal sea water through its sides. When the player gets too close in front of it, It will shoot a fluid from its many tongues that blurs the screen and deals a small amount of damage. They are seen travelling in pods, Communicating with the green bands around their body.

The next creature would be the Golem clam, A gigantic clam with 6 crablike legs. It would roam around the dunes and grassy plateaus. Most of the time it tries to disguise itself as a rock, Mimicking coral with its many blue tentacles seeping from its mouth. Any small animals that happen to touch the "coral" will cause the clam to open its mouth, and gulp the creature up. At night, the clam's appendages located on top of its head will glow different patterns. luring animals towards it. They may look like eyes, but are actually just light appendages. It's true eyes are inside the clam, there are 10 orange eyes on the top shell. On the bottom, Is where all the tentacles are attached to. It is unknown how they digest food, as there is no stomach. They may grow seaweed or corals on their shells.

My last creature would be the Leash Leech. A strange crab like animal attached to a Leash Leech bush by a "leash." The crabs would scavenge the area around the bush for small fish and plants. The crabs will digest the animals, but the nutrients would go through the leash into the bush. They aren't hostile to players. At night, They will retract into the bush. There could be multiple attached to a bush. The bush would spawn in the koosh, underwater islands and upside down in come caves across a variety of biomes.


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    I feel like the grassy plateaus could use a large herbivore, grazing on the red grass, instead of another predator. The sandshark bio mentions them eating things several times their size, but no such creatures are around. If their main prey is extinct, shouldn't they be well on their way, and not swimming around in droves as they are? Also making them hold still and stay quiet while under the sand waiting for food to swim by would be an awesome AI update.
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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gunbone_CL wrote: »
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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