Framerate issue worse since infected released on Xbox

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Additionally, wrecks at Mountain Island and Floating Islands remain skinless (see through) no matter what I do. Before the Infected update, skinless wrecks would correct themselves after a few secs or more. This is not the case anymore.

A little off topic- When I go to save the word "saving" stays for 5 mins or more. I've learned if I quit before the word disappears, I lose my save. If I wait 5 mins or more for it to disappear, then save quickly again- my save will load safely next time. This works 100% of the time for me. *Update* Well I spoke to soon- this trick failed for the first time. None of my saves load anymore.


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    Wrecks work fine for me, hon. It's just lag.....
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    I believe I saw a card on Trello about this, it appears to be a problem with PC as well, if I remember correctly stuff is not unloading no matter how far you are from it. Hopefully they'll quickly patch this if nothing else.
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    I'm having this issue too. I ended up deleting the whole game, re-downloading it, then doing a hard reboot/clear cache of my Xbox One and then started up a brand new game.

    I get lag, bad lag, within literal seconds of exiting my pod for the very first time.
    Wrecks work fine for me, hon. It's just lag.....

    Yes, it's not a problem for you, right? That must mean it's literally not a problem for anyone else ever.
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    Yeah, there was definitely Frame rate problems. It was one of the first things I noticed, besides the suddenly very trigger-happy Warpers
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    Frame rate got way loading drops Frame rate to freezing for small periods of time......lag lag lag.....puke......I stopped bad saves by making a save base.....1 basic compartment with a solar panel for 02....nothing in it at all.....and that being my only updated save spot. Enter save base.....stand still for 60 seconds so map loads fully.....then movement.......I put save base in low activity area. Pain in the butt....but what's your game worth to you......endless hours of doing it all over again? This works trust me. Make sure u delete all other saves.
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    The frame rate loss is noticeable but only got breaky in the PRAWN and had to turn down the horizontal sensitivity for the gameplay to settle down. Then it was way to low outside the PRAWN. I have also noticed the on reloading the seamoth doesn't recognize the pressure compensator untill it is uninstalled then re-installed. Kind of a pain in the butt when you restart your game and you're below 200m in your Cyclops with the Seamoth docked.
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