The Good, The Bad and The Desirable



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    The Good: Exploration and crafting in a rich, beautiful underwater world.

    The Bad & the Ugly: The bad and ugly maneuverability of the Cyclops.

    The Desirable: Some small useful tech additons, like: scanner room bioscan upgrades, control consoles for base lights and doors, etc.

    The Changes (Things I'd do differently): Earlier rework of tech tree:
    • more complex and polished recipes (not 2 titanium for the filtr. mach. which would need a biochem filter, electronics & glass too)
    • making repeated use of all resources for tech (not only 1 crash powder to build 1 welder ever in game)
    • breakable tools like the knife (we can trash and rebuild them) to reuse things like crash powder
    • 3 different tech tier levels (Alterra std, Alterra research, Precursor tech) with different places to find them
    • making use of tier levels by making advanced tech higher tiers
    • 3 different pressure variations (recipes to build) for vehicles (only model reskins) instead upgrade modules based on the 3 tier levels. Pressure tier 1: titanium, glass for up to 300m; tier 2: plasteel, transparent aluminium for up to 900m; tier 3: precursor materials based on raw stuff like kyanite at deepest caves for up to 3000m and heat resistance.
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    Myrm wrote: »
    Bad: That they added a story

    That's an interesting answer. Why do you not like there being a story?

    Something could be said for that... ie: Minecraft ALPHA was a very interesting concept, where you created your own stories by exploration with a lack of story/content. But, it does have procedural world generation...

    My turn (you gon go compile a list or something there in OP @Myrm ?

    The Good: Well yeah, oooh, aaaah. That's how it always starts...
    The Bad: But then later, there's swimming and um, screaming
    The Desirable: Where's my boat and fishing pole!?

    The real one:
    The Good: The suspense and the beauty of the world
    The Bad: Lackluster replay value, due to lack of procedural world/cave generation
    The Desirable: Where's my boat and fishing pole!?
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    Apropos reusability. Some suggestions to increase that:
    • Exploration reusability - portals to closed procedural miniworlds seperated from the main map, randomized wreck and base locations, terraformable user maps through portals
    • Crafting reusability - biodomes to recreate personal biomes in a miniworld, base blueprints to share in workshop, programmable creatures
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    Kouji_San wrote: »

    (you gon go compile a list or something there in OP @Myrm ?

    No. I'm too lazy >.<
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    zetachron wrote: »
    randomized wreck locations
    Agreed. If the devs randomized some of the wreck locations (not all, however - having some level of constancy would be desirable), it would increase the experience's value significantly. This actually would be pretty easy from a programming standpoint; hopefully it's added in at least post-1.0.
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    sauron11 wrote: »
    Good: the overall feel of the game
    Bad: inconsistencies in logic (for instance, the habitat builder already has the recipe for many very complex items, but can't make a basic, empty room?)
    Desired: end(ish) game, build a new ship to get off the planet, get shot down onto its neighbor planet, forcing you to start all over elsewhere :smile:

    I wholeheartedly agree on never ending, (maybe a Subnautica 2!) HAHA! NOT!

    1.Good - Originality, you can see their heart and soul in this game. They are the best team Ive ever seen! Better than the people over at Star Citizen! (CLAP!) (CLAP!) (CLAP!)

    2.Bad - here

    3. Desired - More workbench items (thread here)
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