Unable to scan since Infected update ( plus other problems )

saltyspeculasaltyspecula Join Date: 2016-12-20 Member: 225227Members
Since the recent update, I can initiate a scan of something, but it will not proceed through the scan. It will sit at 0% no matter how long I scan.

In addition to this, my items seem to be held at a different angle and perspective, sometimes more than others. ( Scanner is behind held closer to the centre of the screen now ). Other attempts to load my save gave have distorted the location and animations of all tools and weapons ( didn't get a screenshot sorry ).

I also seem to now exit the prawn suit in a way that's very likely to push me through a wall and fall to the bottom of the map. Before it would place me at the nearest available open space.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to address this? And please don't tell me to "start a new save", I'd sooner uninstall and move on. I've included a link to my save game if you want to have a look. ( FYI it's 505mb )

Save 0001


  • GlassDeviantGlassDeviant Terra Join Date: 2017-02-27 Member: 228342Members
    I had that scanning problem, just get closer to the thing being scanned.

    How old is your save anyway? Mine is only from the previous update.
  • saltyspeculasaltyspecula Join Date: 2016-12-20 Member: 225227Members
    Mine was made in the Precursor update ( the one before last, Castles and Coffee update ). I'll try getting closer, just not sure how much closer I can get...
  • saltyspeculasaltyspecula Join Date: 2016-12-20 Member: 225227Members
    Okay, so no it is bugged. Even clipping inside the thing I'm trying to scan, still stuck at 0%. Anyone know a fix for this?
  • garathgarath Texas Join Date: 2017-02-08 Member: 227730Members
    I've seen one scanning glitch happen. It looks like you are holding the scanner facing left--the same position as when you scan yourself. Then, when you try to scan, instead of scanning straight ahead, the scanning effect animation is to the left. I've made it go away by re-loading the game.
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