Major Bugs!

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Feedback: On the Xbox One Subnautica, I am experiencing some Major bugs and I will list some of them.

1. I get out of the life pod when I start up my game and I just fall to the sea floor and I am just walking in the water like I'm on land.

2. I see some floating objects such as, coral, plants, etc.

3. The suit I am wearing in the game is glitching through my skin, so I can see the suit but my skin is glitching out.

4. When I board my seamoth, I can look completely up so that I can see the top of the seamoth, and I can turn around completely and make a full 360 while seeing the back of the seamoth.

If Unknown Worlds can notice my feedback and solove these problems, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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    I'll try to help you out in the meantime. Until they got more fixes on the way.

    1: Experienced the same thing. There are two (temporarly at least) solution to this as far as i know..

    a: Either "hard" quit your game by pressing start and choose exit game OR try saving, exit and reload your save.

    b: before even trying to delete the Subnautica reserved file and your Profile save on the Xbox 1, just delete and reinstall subnautica.
    Im not sure if you know, not saying you are dumb mind you :smile: Byt try to just delete the main game by pressing start on "Subnautica" an option list should appear, choose "administrate" game or what its called, it should bring you to what I described above.

    c: If all that dosent help, just swallow the sour pill and delete everything, the game itself and the two tiny ones for the game and your profile. Even if you had alot of progress, it can be the only medicine. Dont worry about deleting the smaller files, they will be created anew when starting a new game and saving on the new save slot.

    2: A graphical/ texture hangover for sure. I remember this oddity before the update. Many seems to have this sight of odd things in the sky and out of place, even after the recent update they still persist. At least in my experience, its not as frequent as before.
    Im sure they are working on it, its one among many issues left.

    3: Im not sure what you mean.. You see your suit but see the skin come through it? I thought the suit was just a suit, not a texture overlay over the characters skin. Hmm.

    4: Not experienced that one, maybe some others can help you. Only thing I think may help is just reloading your save for both this one and nr 3 above.

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    Were you playing on creative mode? Because that may be your problem
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    Thanks. We have compiled a large list of all the bugs reported on the forums, and are also verifying them ourselves, and we'll be working hard on fixes for the most game breaking ones. Not ETA on when the next update will be, but hopefully we can get something out soon.
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