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I have been happily playing Subnautica for a very long time 80 hours play time. Then the water update.. I heard there was known issue with my video card. So I tried to be patient.

Now another update and I still have same issue.

Some times I can run the game RIGHT up to the point that I jump in the water (no matter how) Then screen goes black and i can hear myself drowning. I suppose I am back in the ship but it is still a black screen. Other times, It crashes and my video card stops working. I have updated my drivers per alienware website.

I have tried running in different resoltuion and/or windowed mode. I have tried running experimental. Then went back to normal . I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I do not know what to do.

Output_log --
DxDiag ---

I have really enjoyed the game. Not happy that I am unable to play. I hope it is something easy!

Thanks in advance!



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