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Overview (updated):

Yesterday I decided to mess around and perform a direct ns_hera import from NS1 so that we at least have something to play on....it actually came out pretty good. Yes I know it's not a fantastic layout but so I've made a few changes to at least make things a little better. I've thrown in a few basic entities to allow people to have a few games on it. This is a greybox only and has no occlusions as of yet....so performance may be a little crappy for some. A few other changes include:

- Removed of all doors
- Added ladders to existing ladder locations
- Added a tech point into Holoroom (5 in total)
- Added basic lighting
- Pathing has been setup for drifters, etc....might not be amazing due to some rooms having multiple floors

I'm not sure exactly what my plans are with this but I may or may not develop this further depending on community interest. Just briefly, I've been brainstorming a few high level layout designs, this is what I've come up with so far with the last one being my preference so far.


So yeah....enjoy I guess :)
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