The Thing from the Abyss

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In the unfathomable depths of Subnautica there lurks a monster. I am writing this to spare you from the time and pain of finding it. For those of you who don't know Subnautica is a game about exploring the depths of a underwater alien planet. Anyway as I was swimming I encountered a huge island I thought that was cool cause I had not seen it before. After exploring the island I got board and decided to try something new. I decided to go as far down as I could into the crushing depths to see if it ended. It is also important to note that the ocean floor after going in any one direction for a while drops suddenly into the depths. How far it goes no one knows. First I left the island and swam south away from the island for about ten minutes.
I than decided to turn around to look at the ship. It was no were to be seen I had swam so far all I could see was endless water and the last light of the sun as night set in. I than began my dive luckily I had tons of batteries for my SeaGlide and then there's always cheats if I needed more. As I descended into the depths it became darker and darker the farther I went down which is normal but unnerving nevertheless. At around 43,000 meters I stopped unnerved how far I had gone I felt strangely alone in this unending darkness. After a few minutes I continued my descent with resolve losing all track of time. Down and down I went for how long I do not know. After 800,052 meters
I noticed something strange my depth gauge stopped working and only stayed on 800,052. I have never seen that glitch before but it did not surprise me as I doubt many people have gone down that far. After using a cheat to refill my batteries I continued down into the unending abyss. After five minutes about Something odd happened the music abruptly stopped and after ten seconds a haunted mournful melody started playing that I had never heard. I swam horizontally for a while to see if I could find something. I found nothing however I did find out that the haunted melody only plays in a certain area and will stop if you swim to far away. After I swam back to were I left my beacon which is were I first heard the haunted melody I began to dive deeper into the depths. After seven minuets about something unnerving happened. The haunted melody suddenly stopped and all background sound stopped. I continued diving unnerved by the lack of all music and background sound and made the downward trek in total silence.
After ten minutes of diving I noticed the bubbles abruptly stopped and all I could see was utter darkness.
As I went down even further I spun around wildly and lost all track of direction since there were no bubbles and my depth gauge was not working. After looking around I went in the direction I thought was down. As about fifteen minuets passed I was about to give up and quit when I heard it. The sound I hear was so unnerving I can only describe it as a low deep bubbly mournful wheezing moan. I was shocked that the developers would even bother putting a sea creature down this far but I decided to Investigate and swam towards the source of the noise. As I got closer the noise got louder and I started to imagine the most horrible sea monsters imaginable. Little did I know what I would see would be worse. After a little bit I noticed strange green balls of light glowing in the distance moving very strangely as if they were invisibly connected. As I got to the balls of light I watched them memorized. After about two minutes I decided to turn on my flashlight. Then I saw it. What I beheld was the most freakish abomination hideous beyond description. A huge mass of writhing tentacles squirmed around with millions of mouths all over them.
A giant Bloodshot pulsating eye stared up at me. The creatures own bones jutted out of its mass of tentacles. I stared in horror at the abomination I beheld. What I thought were glowing balls of green lights were in fact glowing sacks on the ends of its tentacles that were not bright enough to illuminate the abomination with out a flashlight. The creature was giant it was far bigger than anything in Subnautica even the Cyclops your main sub was a minnow compared to it. Then I swam towards it. As I got closer to the thing it gave a wheezing mournful groan and its tentacles reached for me its giant eye pulsating faster its jutted out bones creaking from its movement. Then as the tentacles got closer something weird happened. The game started to jerk and go slow. It was running at like 2 frames per second. Then as the mouth covered tentacles got mere inches away the game froze. The I stared at the frozen image of the thing in all its freakishness. its giant eye seemed to be looking at me. I will never forget that image for as long as I will live. After I could take no more of the things frozen image I hit cntl alt del and went to task manager and hit end process on Subnautica. As the game force quit I could only guess as to why the thing is in subnautica. Perhaps the developers are testing a new creature down here and did not think anyone would find it.
or perhaps it was a rejected creature they were going to add than changed there minds and left it down here were they thought no one would ever see it. It may even be a Easter egg. Also perhaps the reason the game froze was because the attack animations were never added so the game got a error when it was about to attack. Why it is in the game is a mystery but it is truly the most freakish thing I have ever seen. I have tried to find it again several times but I have so far been unsuccessful and I don't think I will again because of the time required to go down to that depth. If you wish to look for The Thing I wish you luck just remember what is seen can not be unseen.


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