How to find saved drafts?

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Hello forums,

Recently I was writing up a thread about subnautica suggestions. I clicked on 'Save Draft', and then the power went out. The thing is, I do not know how to find the saved draft. Please, if you do know, comment down below. :neutral:



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    When you start typing in the comment box of the forum / thread you saved the draft in, you should see an option to "Load Draft" at the top or bottom (not sure, sorry each forum is different). Click on it and it should fill the comment section with you saved text.
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    There is no need to make more threads on the same subject, you already posted in another (old) thread about this. All forums on this website are running on the same CMS, so the answer I gave you in this thread ( is currently still the answer even though the thread is VERY old.

    And as such, I'm locking this thread and moving it to website feedback ;)

    My advice if typing a long post is to use a text editor instead, that's what I always do, I don't trust "draft" features on forums...

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