What do you most want to see in the future?



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    I love the way the development is going all ready, a tiny suggestion is to see those planets that are in the concept art and loading screen. At night and day.
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    What i would Want to see in the Future of Subnautica?
    1. I would like to see Multiplayer added to the MAIN Game and not a separate game.

    2. I would like to see Base Defenses, Maybe if you don't want Predators lurking around your base, the Defenses will take them out (Also for Multiplayer if a Enemy Player comes up with his Cyclops, and the Defenses Shoot the cyclops.)

    3. I would like to see underwater Warfare against Predators and Other Players, Cannons. (Much like what they did with the SeaMoth and the Torpedoes.)
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    First off- love the game. been playing and lurking around here for a while now. None of this post is meant to criticize, annoy or flame. Just 2 cents (and you can't buy anything with that anymore...)

    Now, I'd love to see:
    • some sort of mapping; We're supposed to have come here to make the planet livable according to the really nice lady in the intro, and we can't even map it?? I get lost...a lot. Even with the compass and some beacons. Maybe a map station on the cyclops- would make it a bit more useful again.
    • would love an eventual random gen map (7 Days to Die has got a nice voxel one) but understand limitations and discussions as found in other threads. (hey- the thread says a wish list...) Just concerned that the replayability of the game is low - as it is, I know exactly where to head for gold, silver etc, and where I make my bases and we're still in Early Access. Once this gets farther along, we're going to know exactly where we will want our bases and the 'exploring' part will be kaput....
    • Great white sharks on our planet have a natural habitat from Australia to Cape Cod, MA, USA. I'd love to see the Predators and even other aquatic life roaming from biome to biome. How cool would it be if you were in your underwater base with the glass all around and you look up to see a Reaper lazily swim by overhead? They probably wouldn't need to be aggressive the whole way; Imagine they could just spawn and be given a point somewhere to swim too (far away) and then de-spawn so the real predators would still be found in their 'zones'. Would make the world seem more alive as well. Some areas seem very dead.
    • Understand the Devs want this to be a 'peaceful' game, but I find it hard to swallow that we have no major weapon to attack back, other than the knife, and the cyclops/seamoth as a battering ram. (stasis rifle, others were considered...) Not saying Call-of-Duty underwater, (not a big fan of FPS's anyway) but survival has 2 sides: Fight or Flight. It's not Flight or Scare Off. We also need to kill the fish to eat too, so the message seems like it's okay to eat/kill small fish, just don't mess with the big fish that want to eat you....
    • More stuff to add to your base. Probably already on a list somewhere... :wink:
    • Faster respawn on fish-- I play mostly a relaxed game with no eating, and the fish around my base seem to flee or die out.

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    My brain has been churning out ideas overtime, so I figured I'd get them out before I lose them.

    While it gets the job done, the SeaMoth needs some mini-sub brothers:
    • The Wasp is all about speed and maneuverability. Twice as fast as the Moth, it's ideal for travelling longer distances in a shorter time. The drawback to this speed means that the Wasp is lighter, and can't go as deep (max depth would be 75m). It's armed with 2 built-in torpedo launchers, and has 4 upgrade module spaces available. In terms of cost, it would take double the materials to make the Wasp, so the player has to really allocate the resources to make it happen.
    • If the Wasp is about speed, the SeaTurtle is about going deep. Really deep, as in 5,000m down. The Turtle is designed to go deeper than the other mini-subs for exploration. It comes with 2 built-in storage pods, 4 upgrade module spaces available and a 2nd Power Cell. The downside of this sub is speed. It moves at 1/2 the speed of the Moth, and maneuvers like a brick. Like the Wasp, it takes double the materials to construct.

    Upgrade Modules
    Exterior Lighting
    • Extending Light Rig that adds illumination to the exterior of the min-sub. Power intensive, it consume 1% power for every 5 seconds of operation.

    Heads Up Display Passive Sonar
    • Creates a holographic circle for sonar. Biological life forms (excluding smaller fish) are displayed as well. Hostiles are highlighted in Red. This module could be used for a mini-sub, diving suit, Exosuit and cyclops.

    Alien Biome
    On a planet this size, teeming with life already, there needs to be evidence of a higher life form. The underwater ruins of an intelligent species (extinct either due to environmental factors or self annihilated). Discovery could start as a burial chamber uncovered by the player, complete with preserved skeleton and equipment. Paintings on the cave walls would lead the player to find a ruined underwater village, with resources and researchable artifacts.
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    I don't know, but I thought of a couple of things that might be nice.
    1. Flooding a base area on purpose, so as to submerge certain rooms. Might even make an indoors fish-habitat with that.
    2. Being able to "feed" a leviathan a beacon, or mark one with such a device. If this could interact with a possible future map we might be able to see how they move around once behaviour and migration is programmed. Would also allow us to avoid them.
    3. Submerged, but not flooded caverns, with creatures having been cut off from the outside world for a long time. They might have evolved to suit this new habitat, and employ things like echolocation or extremely strong perception of scents. Another feature of this would be stale air, where your oxygen wouldn't increase but also wouldn't decrease (or at a very slow rate), and maybe glow-in-the-dark plants emitting faint light.
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    for all those ideas they would need a devs team that is 10 times bigger! ^^
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I love this game and "most" of the stuff in it.

    We should be able to repair the dark matter drive (or at least stop it from exploding) to completely stop all of the radiation.

    We should be able to rotate the ladders (a full 360 so we can get around it easier), moon pool (by 90 degrees), and foundations (for looks only).

    We should be able to use the bases power source to recharge the Cyclops (unless you add a solar charger upgrade).

    The reaper should be limited to a deeper depth (like only coming up to 100m any higher and it would die unless you go with the difficulty settings below).

    All of the animals should start with just a few (depending on how many there should be max with the eatables having 10x there current number) and reproduce (lay eggs) so the game can continue (almost forever).

    All of the plants should be able to regrow (like in real life).

    All of the non-living resources that are from this planet should respawn after a set time (based on how rare it is).

    The number of and hostility of non-eatable items should be adjustable by selecting a difficulty level (Easy = only stalkers as hostiles since we need there teeth, Normal = add 1/2 the number of everything at 1/2 the hostility and still no reapers, Hard = current settings with only 1 reaper on other side of Aurora, Death Trap = current settings with 4 reapers 1 per side of Aurora).

    Have it so that 1 stalker or sand/bone shark will attack your base per 5 modules (not including the foundations) at night (this is to give you some repair tasks and a reason to have a higher integrity by use of bulkheads and reinforcements). Have it so that when they attack (per bite or hit) they reduce the integrity by 0.1. During the attack they will each bite/hit your base 5 times then leave (this is to prevent over attacking). Otherwise if in deeper areas (more than 100m) they stay 30m or more away from your base, but if above 100m they only stay 15m away.

    Give the Cyclops an integrity system like the bases have but have able to be damaged like the Sea Moth.

    There needs to be a few more thermal vents, under water currents (slow but steady and based on water temps as well as shape of land), and a larger variation of water temps. This will allow for more use of the thermal reactor and allow for the addition of a hydro reactor (using the currents to generate power and increase the amount of power the current generator uses so it pulls 5 points less than the hydro reactors output to reduce power cheating).

    We also need 3 more wall mountable modules for inside the bases and Cyclops. The 1st is a power expansion module that lets you install 3 power cells into it to add (a) a power cell source/backup for bases, (b) expand the power ability of the Cyclops. The 2nd is a battery charger to let us reuse our batteries from our tools. The 3rd is only able to be mounted in a base and is used to recharge power cells so we can reuse them instead of tossing/deleting them. By adding these modules it will reduce the number of power cells we have to make and it will also allow us to have more options for power use.

    We also need a floating solar array that we can build on the roof of our base/Cyclops so that it is retrievable so we can deploy them while less than 50m from the surface so they are attached to the item we built it on by a cable (to both recover it and to keep it from drifting off). Each unit will put out the same amount of power as 2 regular solar panels and be about the same size when deployed but look like a small tube (size of a torpedo) when retracted.

    We also need an upgrade console for the base so we can give the entire base extra benefits as well.
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    Put FarSky inside of Subnautica.

    FarSky was barren, short, and not terribly good, when you get right down to it. If I were to bother reviewing it on Steam, then my review would just be a thumbs down with the text, "Play Subnautica, instead." However, it did have options that I would love to see in Subnautica (and that I think will eventually be added in, anyway): rooms with customizable size and height, farming and cooking that allowed for more effective management of hunger than hunting did, and more things like beds and furniture for bases.

    There is one thing that I would REALLY like Subnautica to borrow from FarSky, though, which we may or may not get: the ability to collect sand that could be used to make glass. I don't even mind if it isn't usable in every instance that quartz is. I just want a huge, sprawling underwater city of my very own where I can look out at the scenery from a multitude of vantage points. However, quartz is entirely too finite of a resource, and I would be needing a renewable source of glass.

    Also, people ask a lot about more things to do in the Aurora, but it might be nice (in addition to that) to be able to dismantle parts of it that are beyond repair for materials. Sure, titanium from the Aurora is all over the place, but in small bits that can be tedious to collect. Maybe hacking off chunks of the Aurora the size of half your inventory could let you collect it in bulk, or maybe there are materials within the bowels of the ship that weren't flung all over the place that have additional uses. Or maybe there are pieces on the inside of more refined titanium or alloys that are "worth" more titanium than the scrap that you have been collecting. For example, if you shove just any old thing from the ship's hull into the fabricator, it may not be able to get as much usable material from it as something more intact and of a similar size in your inventory that you hand-salvaged from the Aurora itself. To have everything be salvageable would be way too hard to implement, but it would be nice for something to be worth more than scenery.
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I had the idea of collecting sand and just like you can turn 10 titanium into 1 ingot you could turn 10 sand into 1 sand bag then by using a "cooker" you could turn 2 sand bags into 1 quartz. This would keep the games balance while letting you have a larger supply of quartz. At the same time we should also be able to cut up the larger chunks of the Aurora to use for titanium (if we start running out of it).

    Another idea was to have everything outside the map area be procedural as a place holder until the devs have the biomes they want in the game. Then once they have the biomes for the map then everything outside the map can be procedural still to give us a much larger area to search and build in. This would allow the procedural sections data be saved in the save file along with our bases, subs, inventory, etc. Then every time we load it will be the same but every new game will be different outside the map area. Another way to expand the map area is to take the 3d editing software they are already using and use the multiplier function to increase the size by 5x then sink it in such a way that the safe shallows will have several tiny islands (the spots where it already has some stuff at 1/2m or less from surface and the spots where stuff is already sticking out of the water). I would also like to see the mountain islands have a much larger surface area and a larger beach (closer to the size of the floating island minus the cliffs and the central hole making it a small lake/pond of fresh water instead).

    I personally would like to see fewer hostile creatures while having more eatable ones. Or even alter the current hostiles so they are (a) less hostile all the time or (b) most of them only active at night so they bury them selves or hide in caves during the day while they add 2-4x the number of eatable creatures. For example if they took the schools of fish and changed them so we could capture them (like with a net) then we could use those for food.
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    just want a 10000000km2 map
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    There some great ideas in this thread, and some common themes. I've detailed my wants in one of my other threads, so I won't go over it all again here. Those interested can check it out here.
  • EldeberonEldeberon USA Join Date: 2015-09-28 Member: 208204Members
    Ladders that can be rotated to make it easier to walk through corridors and that can be placed on the outside of buildings for making taller structures above sea level.


    Hull integrity info panel

    The ability to grow plants and perhaps trees on the surface as part of the terraforming goal

    The ability to obtain different kinds of material with the terraformer tool. (Rock, sand, coral, etc.)

    Vacuum tube elevators

    More significant gameplay and story based reasons for building bases (Transmitter to Earth, labs for analysis, workshops for advance building etc.)

    More information on what caused the crash

    The ability to enter the Aurora and obtain info and needed tech.

  • SanctusLupusSanctusLupus USA Join Date: 2015-08-30 Member: 207600Members
    tarek wrote: »
    just want a 10000000km2 map

    I would think we would want it bigger :)
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    Waves would really add to the whole oceany-feel on the surface, then have a "boat mode" on the seamoth so you can do some wave jumping. That would add 70876254307x to the replay-ability. Multiplayer could potentially ruin this game if it were done as PVP. We have enough survival PVP games out there and Subnautica to me now is more of a relax, chill and explore type game. If multiplayer were done at all it would have to be co-op and be 1-3 other players max. I'd say keep making subnautica more awesome as it is, with maybe some really basic simulation elements as far as the environment goes (cause/effect type stuff... when you knife something and blood is in the water, more predators turn up.. etc)
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    I agree with the co-op only setup. That is why I suggested that they only have it set up for 2 player (see how many seats are in the life pod).
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    I'd like more undersea caves and even ones where you can find air pockets that let you do some dry cave exploring, perhaps with some climbing equipment. Also i want to see air tanks that hold charges of air so i would have to prepare a dive by pre-placing tanks at certain basecamps along the way (perhaps with glowsticks attached so i can find them easy). Placeable worklights. Also a glow-in-the-dark marker for writing notes on the cave walls that starts to glow when hit by a flashlight. A phasegate wouldn't hurt. Stormy weather that damages structures built in the shallows. Quadrotor wings for my seamoth. Underwater remote control drones with integrated beacons for use in scouting resources. A nonlethal chainsaw torpedo that first stuns then cuts a seamoth sized hole in reapers heads.
  • TIEbomber1967TIEbomber1967 California Join Date: 2015-09-23 Member: 208109Members
    LOTS of good suggestions, too many to even re-list the ones I like. So I'll just say I'd like a bigger world and one that you can actually circumnavigate. Also I'd like the fish to repopulate the biomes quicker. Does this happen at all currently? Nature abhors a vacuum, and if an area became depopulated, other creatures would move in. Maybe not quickly, but it would happen.
  • EldeberonEldeberon USA Join Date: 2015-09-28 Member: 208204Members
    The ability ti install vertical access ports like the one in the bottom of the life pod into the bottom of standard rooms, would be nice.

    The problem I am noticing with bases is the limitations on vertical movement. Ideally I would like to build a base that is both above and below sea level (giving me easy access to the sub and moon pool and the satisfaction of access to the open air. Building above sea level frees you from the hull integrity issue, and provides a familiar safe place up in the air that you made. The down side is ladders. After making a tower i realized it was impractical. The annoyance of having to climb up and down ruined the concept. At the present time I am avoiding all vertical construction, which I think is a shame.
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    That's why I like the idea of stairs to walk on to go between floors. I have also suggested an external catwalk system with stairs and ladders to let us build above water easier.
  • 04Leonhardt04Leonhardt I came here to laugh at you Join Date: 2015-08-01 Member: 206618Members
    Yo @Eldeberon , you know there's already a compass, right?
    You just gotta get some of the big pink Magnetite from around the Mountains Biome and it'll show up in the fabricator menu.

    Above water catwalks and stairs would be fantastic. As well as spiral stairs inside Rooms.

    Just to make our stuff look nicer.
  • AquatarkusAquatarkus RI-USA Join Date: 2015-08-02 Member: 206674Members
    As well as spiral stairs inside Rooms.
    Yes! - This is a good idea, and would be more than just a "look nicer" item. (see below)
    Eldeberon wrote: »
    The down side is ladders. After making a tower i realized it was impractical. The annoyance of having to climb up and down ruined the concept.
    Right now it's cumbersome to choose climbing up vs down when a ladder goes to multiple floors.
    A spiral staircase would make the multi-tiered round rooms much easier to traverse, and more fun.

    The only issue left would be how to deal with the ladders in the vertical tubes.
    For this I would go with changing them to elevators.
  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    For a temp fix I placed a stack of straight corridors on 2 sides of my tower. This lets me have the look of extra support from outside while letting me have my ladders only connect 2 floors so that if it wanted to go from floor 1 to floor 3 i have to cross the room on floor 2 to get from ladder 1-2 to ladder 2-3.
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    1) One of my favorite moments in the game was when I decided to observe Stalkers and learned they like to collect scrap metal. I felt like I was strongly rewarded for studying their behavior, instead of killing them to make the seabed safer.

    So, more of that, please. Creatures that behave in their own ways that you can study and then exploit.

    2) Ecological cycles, even simple ones, like fish spawning and being eaten. Would need tools to track predator and prey populations, or other relevant data depending on how exactly the life cycle works.

    3) More danger for deep diving: nitrogen narcosis and/or decompression sickness at the least - so that diving to 500 metres requires REAL planning, and shooting straight to the surface is a good way to get killed. I loved it when I skipped the Seamoth and went straight to building the Cyclops, which required me to do several deep dives for resources: managing my oxygen and routes and timing for ascent/descent (didn't know back then how easy it is to build bases on the sea floor) was pretty cool, but the moment I got the Cyclops and a Seamoth I just zip around with next to no risk.

    I feel this would really add a feeling of alienness to those incredibly deep dives.

    4) Life support for bases. Don't have a good idea how to implement it in a way that avoids making it a chore, though.

    5) A more involved medical system, to build up the isolation. Having a universal medkit crafted from a couple common ingredients breaks it. We'd need a few different poisons at least. Maybe don't make them DEADLY, to avoid massive annoyances, but reward researching critters you encounter and cataloguing biomes, so that dives in different places require different preparations - biome A has creature X, which buries in the sand and uses poison 1, so you need to stock up on this and that medicine for this dive.

    I'd avoid bars and points, and try to "sell" poisoning with immersive gameplay effects, though.

    6) Research tasks to unlock stuff, rather than the "collect fragment = get tech" mechanic. You should have to do specific things: break into Aurora's engineering spaces, map biomes, attach trackers to animals, locate and ransack Stalker nests,etc.

    Maybe have techs be unlocked in batches, rather than one by one, because I bet it would quickly become annoying if, for example, you need to do tasks B, C, D and E every single time you want a new gadget.

    7) Some task automation at higher tiers: Crafting power cells become a chore at a certain point. So does collecting raw materials for it. As the amount of gameplay possibilities increases in complexity, basic maintenance of the tech allowing it should become LESS time consuming with higher-tier equipment and machines automating some of the simpler tasks.
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    Yo @Eldeberon , you know there's already a compass, right?

    Actually I had no idea when I made that post. I did discover it shortly there after and was totally geeked when I did. But thanks for the heads-up I really would have appreciated that reply if I hadn't already stumbled on it in game.

  • EldeberonEldeberon USA Join Date: 2015-09-28 Member: 208204Members
    Has anyone suggested a player "log" feature? I find I would like to jot down notes such as to where I found a certain resource. I can do it on paper, but then I lose them because they aren't in the game itself. If some of it could be automated such as longitude and latitude, depth, date, or even thumbnail screen shot, that would be extra cool. If anyone has read The Martian by Andy Weir you'll know the significance of a log, and it might be cool to have a short player made history. "Day One, found salt. Made water just in time before I died." "Day Two caught a puffer fish with my bare hands and ate him raw! I am the man!" "Day three: I learned cooking the puffer fish works a lot better. I'm a civilized man." "Day 4: Holy shit you can make water from puffer fish. Why the hell was I eating them? I'm an idiot!"

    If it didn't totally suck up all the server space in the world, having these logs post themselves on-line so others could read them would be kinda nifty too. Or not. But it would help to remember all the good times, and where I last found that great field of lithium.
  • Kage_no_NamidaKage_no_Namida United States Join Date: 2015-10-11 Member: 208412Members
    Have you thought about making it multiplayer? even if it's just with 2 people on a game.i think that would be amazing. i mean there r 2 seats in the escape pod so its possible to have 2 players without hurting the story line if u end up adding 1. i just think this game would be way better if u can enjoy it with at least 1 other friend.
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    Ive got a list of things I want to see,from fauna to flora to subs,BUT to start off small I want to see MUCH more plant lif,e to make it look nice especially in the grand reef, its a REEF much more plants and more creatures other than the bone sharks, I KNOW they plan more but really not just sea treaders and shockers
  • SammythediverSammythediver michigan Join Date: 2015-10-11 Member: 208417Members
    I would love to see a shape-shifting fish of some sort, like it can disguise as a plant but when you get too close it will change back into its normal form and attack
  • FoxillaFoxilla United States Join Date: 2015-10-12 Member: 208435Members
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    I'd like to see some carnivorus plants catching and eating their prey as well as maybe a bed to sleep in, some more bioluminescent creatues, better terraforming options so i can make sand and not the weird rock stuff. I also saw something a long the lines of a teleporting squid thing, that'd be pretty neat. I'd be more of less just happy with some sort of squid creatures even if it was small enough to put into an aquarium. Also I'd like to see an option to place and move around plants and things or just to get some seeds or saplings because I'd like to decorate my base with some acid mushrooms as well as move some creepvines into the kelp forest area because I've cut a lot down since I started playing this game. Also some way to either recharge battery cells or adding on some solar panels to the cyclops, that would be magnificent.
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