A Way Around Needing Lethal weapons!

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at first, loading up subnautica i was amazed by the vast beauty of the landsacpe, but as i explored i grew a longing feeling to be able to "deal with" the stalkers, crashes, bleeders, and sand sharks at a distance.
naturally i found out about the stasis rifle and clung to it like a moth to a light bulb, but it left me wanting. i thought it was odd there were no spear guns or harpoon launchers, and complained about it here in a post. but after reading what the devs have said about non violence i agree partially, that being said i have some suggestions for projectile weapons, that are mostly non lethal;

gasopod grenades= crafted by harvesting a drop from a gasopod (maybe called gasopod glands) lets you make a ball you can drop with a timer that releases an AoE damage over time cloud like what the gasopds release

dust bomb= crafted with either sand that you would have to dig up or with coral chunks first made into coral dust in the fabricator, these you could throw to block line of sight or hide yourself preventing mobs aggroing on you.

ink bomb= crafted with ink sacs harvested from a squid (if ever implemented) that would function like the dust bomb except it would stick to enemy's blinding them (possibly colouring the model so you can see who is effected) also using this would break aggro if a mob can already see you instead of just preventing aggro ( it has this extra power because ink would be rarer then sand, duh)

crash bombs= simple explosive, made with crash powder. used to blow holes in caves or maybe crack open a new kind of resource node? ( could do AoE damage if the devs think that fits their vision

bomb launcher= loading grenades into this shoots them like the stasis rifle, exploding on impact. also maybe being able to shoot floaters to float enemys to the surface out of harms way, would use crash powder as propellent with a potential upgrade to battery or using pressure from your O2 tank instead.

net launcher= shoots out a net (different size net can be crafted with different amounts of fibre?) that wraps around an enemy either causing them to struggle in place until they break free or just slow them down slightly. would use air pressure from your O2 tank and the net making it more reusable then the stasis rifle with batterys.

fishing rod= fairly simple, could be made into a little mini game. crafted using titanium and fibre. maybe having different bait types that have different effectiveness?

please i'd love to hear ideas and stuff!


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    Gasopod grenades are pretty much being developed at the moment. Also, you can use crash as projectile for propulsion cannon pretty soon.
    Some kind of smokescreen item could indeed work, but I'm not sure if we need 2 separate things (dust and ink). I think we could have just the ink one, but it wouldn't stick to creatures. Maybe you could harvest ink from crabsquids. If we can load stuff into prop cannon's force field from inventory, then separate projectile launcher isn't needed. Maybe we could set the cannon on 'launcer mode' somehow.
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    There could be many non lethal ways to deal with hostile marine life. I would think that some sort of concussion device that made a small but loud explosion could stun most underwater creatures so you could escape. Maybe a pressurized air device that deploys an air bladder and create lots of movement and bubbles, drawing predators to that instead of you. Or maybe we could go a whole step further and avoid conflict by making new ways to camouflage ourselves and our scent.
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    I'd love if one of the sealife - maybe the reefback, as they are huge and impressively friendly - ends up actually being an intelligent species and the player eventually develops a technology to communicate with them (sort of a sonar like with daulphins on Earth). You could call the reefback for help to shoo away the reapers for instance. Modifiying their DNA could allow your allies to help you more, etc. Tons of potential there for non lethal ways to deal with hostile life.
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