Need help increasing time it takes for game to start when both commanders are ready.

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Any idea on how to increase the time it takes for a round to start when both commanders are on their seat?

Right now its 30 seconds, where can I edit that timer to make it higher, say to 45.

also, what should bwlimit be?


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    You need the Shine Administration. Activate then in your baseconfig.json PreGame. Afterwards you can change the value in/plugins/mapvote.json. The entry is called "StartDelay"

    I would recommend setting bwlimit to 150 or more

    Edit: Here is the Wiki page to set up Pregame:
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    wooza wrote: »

    I would recommend setting bwlimit to 150 or more

    150 kB/s are more than enough, but you should still have your overall bandwidth per server instance in mind when changing the bwlimit.

    I personally would go with
    (0.9 * server instance bandwidth - ~150 ] / max(player count)
    (bandwidth in kB!).

    Overall better don't touch net vars if you are not aware of what exactly they do.
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    Actually, the setting for when both commanders are in their seat is called "CountdownTime", and it's in the plugins/PreGame.json file.

    The "StartDelay" option is for after a map change. It forces the first round start to wait for the given time before starting to check commanders/pregame time left.

    I've just updated that wiki page with hopefully clearer descriptions, as reading it now it was pretty badly worded.
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