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    There are some things i would like added, and some components to make the things
    Cable - 2x creepvine
    Motor - wiring kit, titanium, copper wire
    Storage Tank - 5x glass, 3x titanium

    Retractable Harpoon - Cable x2, Motor, Titanium x3
    Shoot those pesky stalkers from afar! but time your shots

    Sonar - advanced wiring kit, titanium, glass
    think your too cautious? well think no more! with the close range sonar, you can detect the pesky Crash's, Stalkers, and Other unwanted threats!

    Rain Catcher - 5x Titanium, 1 Storage Tank

    Rain - lasts a while on a planet made out of water! maybe use it to our advantage
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    A great idea would be to add gamepad compatibility. Mainly I'm on console ,but I play a lot of games on pc and I don't use the keyboard very well. Adding something like Xinput would improve the experience for some people greatly. In addition I've played the early access and it was great ,but I would love to use a controller. Please consider this comment ,thank you.
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    Now, I am one of those gamers who like to build big bases and decorate them inside so I can show off to my friends. Subnautica I have noticed doesn't have a lot of building materials to chose from to build a base. All you have are tubes, L tubes, foundations and T/X tubes. I have a couple more suggestions to increase the potential to build.

    -BOXES! allow a player to build boxes on a foundation or attach it to the end of a corridor to create a square or rounded square room. This can also be allowed to add multiple boxes together to create bigger rooms.
    -On these boxes you should be allowed to add windows to the roof, floor or sides to see outside.
    -Interior lighting to create a more underwater feel, as at the moment the whole thing is lit and doesn't create a good atmosphere
    -Outerior lighting. It should be made possible that you can create some sort of bioluminescent lighting underwater lighting up the seabed.
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    Hi, i already spoke once about the idea how SN and NS could be connected. u can read here:
    "Like all the other Kharaa structures, TSF scientists speculate that hives are actually creatures that have been evolved into this form over an incredibly long time, and have observed that Kharaa structures in general tend to resemble aquatic forms of life, contrary to the Kharaa lifeforms that clearly originated from mammals and other similar creatures."

    and now after i take a closer look on the khaara creature design i found some striking similarities in all of them. like the bonestructure on the forehead with the mandibles and tentacles coming out of it. i was thinking about how this similarities would have evolved?! my idea: a parasite-like creature (like in alien) attaching itself to the head of the host and than somehow merge itself with it. resulting in the transformation of the host into the hostile khara-creatures we know!

    and since i mentioned in my post (see link) that the khaare evolved out of aquatic lifeforms it would be a cool idea to see that parasite as a creature in SN. it could live on the bottomside of the floating island, hanging upside down feasting on the giant floaters.

    here is my sketch:
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    Id like to see intractable Super sized/ dolphin sized creatures like a Super Whale or a pod of Dolphin like creatures that as just as intelligent. The Game need a counter balance of research too. As in Find that Super whale that can go depths over 1000 meters and researching it to create a kinda of Bio metal for your Cyclops to endure such depths. Also id like the idea of befriending a Dolphin like creature and helping you to collect items or help you scout out areas with a mountable camera. Id like to see both Combat giant and passive/passive combat (defense) creatures like said Dolphin like creature or sea turtles which you can befriend also and mount cameras on. This game is turning out very well. But the equipment needs its own board like RPG style Item equipping or opening up that for upgraded items like a weight belt/item holder like batteries and your knife and your welding torch and having a spot to equip air tanks flippers soon to be a exosuit and much more. This is my rant of ideas to make micro managing your inventory and aquatic experience more fun.
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    These were some creature suggestions I thought I might post here as well.

    Octopus like in appearance but the size of a mezmar,
    Latches on and slowly breaks mask to attack player if player gets too close,
    Exiting the cave causes it to detach (similar to the bleeder),
    Strangles small fish to hunt,
    Found in undeep caves.

    Large shark creature (bigger than bone shark),
    Opens its mouth to massive sizes when attacking,
    When its mouth is open it generates strong currents to suck in players or fish,
    Found in deep areas.

    Grabber Coral:
    Regenerative coral that lives on reef backs,
    If harvested too much will fall off and die,
    Provides very small but regenerating coral supply,
    Only found attached to reef backs.

    Peeper sized fish that uses tendrils to form a natural propeller to move through the water,
    Will sprint away from player and predators at high speed if they get too close,
    Lives in swallow water and will hang around metal pieces if there is no predators.

    Tesla Ray:
    Slightly large than rabbit ray with 4 Tesla coil like appendages running down its back in 2 rows,
    If threatened it releases a burst of electricity which stuns and injures targets for a very short time,
    Lives in kelp forests.

    Hoop fish sized fish with a brightly coloured body,
    When injured it releases a large blinding flash,
    If threatened by predators it spits a small globing orb at another fish or the player which it sticks to,
    The flare attracts predators to whatever it hits,
    Lives in deep water.

    Mezmar sized fish that if threatened will spit a spray of poisonous spines forward towards predators,
    Likes to stay low to the sea floor,
    Instead of running from predators it prefers to attach to creep vines and turn green,
    If attached predators won't pursue it but it can be still be hurt by the player,
    Lives in kelp forests.

    Turtle-like crab with a large shell it hides in if being preyed on,
    It uses its pincers to pick up and carry away chunks of coral which it uses to build a small house,
    Attacks anythign that attacks or gets too close too its house,
    Scertlers stay near their houses once it builds one,
    It lives on the sea floor above 1000m and dies if it falls deeper.

    Sucel (based off Christian's idea to have the hive from ns2 as a creature):
    Stalker sized ammonite like creature,
    Shifts through sea floor to suck up food,
    Sprays a jet of corrosive acid towards anything that harms it,
    Lives in groups and will attack anything that attacks others in the group,
    Lives below depths of 1000m.

    Small marine iquana like creature with gecko hands,
    Will climb up and cling to anything above water,
    Can survive on land and is mainly found on islands,
    Fast swimmer but can only dive down 18m down and can only stay underwater for 10mins(600seconds/600H2O)
    If it ends up below 9m then it will automaticly ascend to the surface,
    Will stick to rocks underwater so it can graze until it needs to surface,
    Has a chameleon tongue which it uses to fight off Scorch Pelicans and other attackers,
    Lives at the surface of the water.

    Hammer head shark with red and white stripes,
    Hunts like a bone shark,
    Will ram submarines and damaging hull and knocking them around if it sees one,
    Lives at 1000m or deeper.

    Scorch Pelican:
    Large grey pelican bird,
    Has a large shining blue inflated breast,
    If threatened it will fire off a burst of concentrated solar energy while swooping at the attacker,
    Swoops into the ocean to grab peepers and other near-surface fish,
    It cooks any caught fish and if killed fast enough after catching fish then it will drop the cooked fish,
    Naturally attacks Geiguas that are above surface treating them as threatening them,
    Flies above the ocean and will rarely land on island trees.

    I'll have more creatures in the future. Hope you like these ideas. :)
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    @Arbhall thx sir! i'm always happy when others are enjoying my work! ^^
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    I think a really cool feature would be tropical storms/natural disasters!
    -Lightning storms/ thunderstorms ( with variants such as, cloud to ground lightning (negative and/or positive), ground to cloud lightning (lightning would be charged from the Aurora to the sky) cloud to cloud lightning, anvil crawler lightning(that's the horizontal lightning that branches out like a tree in the sky, and final sprites or jets which are electrical discharges that usually horizontal and faintly red that occur way above the storm, but can be viewed from far away).
    -Massive waves and Strong currents.

    With these different types of storms one should be able to construct a weather radar and warning siren, so the player can take precautions to the oncoming disaster!

    (I apologize if someone has already suggested something similar)

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    I'd like to suggest a Recycle receptical of some sorts, much like the 'E' to deconstruct a habitat. Some sort of bin to open and move items out of your inventry into its inventry to deconstruct, result, makes raw materials.
    Also an option to deconstruct vehicles that you've made, and get back some if not all of the materials.

    Hope others would find this usefull. & appologies if its already been suggested.
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    PLEASE add beacon to the Seamoth!!! mine has disapeared out of its hangar and i dont want to spawn another.
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    Alright! Here are my ideas.
    1. Some sort of speargun with spears. First work on just your usual spears, use like titanium I guess, I don't know. Then at some point maybe work on being able to make spears out of different metals and parts and upgrade the spears so you can do more damage. Also maybe be able to just hold a spear in your hand and use it just like a knife, except longer. That way you can actually kill things. Also, maybe something to hold all the spears in when not in the gun.
    2. FISHING NET! Good god, fishing nets please. Just plop them somewhere underwater, attached to your seabase, cyclops, seamoth, escape pod or something and check on it every now and then, and there'll be some fish that match the biome. Sometimes maybe something bigger matching the biome like a stalker will get caught in there.
    3. Explosives, use parts from a crash to use explosives to damage enemies, cave in places or just have mindless fun.
    4. Something that you can use to filter water attached to a seabase, so a seabase has even more appeal. Whether you need a battery of some sort, water movement powers it or you have to use a crank yourself is up to you developers. Maybe also get salt from the water so you can cook.
    5. Getting bits of meat from anything you kill, hostile, passive, or defensive. Also maybe unique parts, like stalkers you killed drop teeth. That way instead of just avoiding enemies there's something that motivates you to kill them. Chunks of meat have more hunger value than fish.
    6. More edible plants that you could also combine for a more filling meal.
    7. Large salt deposits, like you could hit them like limestone chunks to get several pieces of salt. Constantly frantically swimming around in search of salt is annoying.
    8. A more noticeable lack of light so you actually need a flashlight. When I'm in a cave, whether it's in the shallows or not it shouldn't really be as bright as the open ocean. That just doesn't make sense to me.
    9. Bones. Bones would be the best. You dive down deep and see these huge bones that just make you go "ohcrap" and hope you have your stasis rifle or there aren't any live ones. You could also use bones for foreshadowing you guys adding certain creatures.
    10. Not really necessary like things like bones, but trophies. A stalker head, parts of a boneshark, etc. that could be placed in your seabase or hung on the walls for decor and to make yourself proud.
    11. Underwater gardens, or gardens in your base. Grow various plants and acid mushrooms. Maybe also attract fish if you can make it outside. But be careful, other things might show up...
    12. More creatures that're defensive and passive for food and if you just feel like killing things.
    13. Maybe various difficulties when the things the game needs are out of the way? Because it could make the game better for people who enjoy a challenge or just want to cruise on by. Enemies doing more damage, having less oxygen, things needing more of each part to build could be used to make things harder, as well as resources harder to find.
    14. Some kind of poisonous or venomous creature, which when you kill it you could gather some of its poison or venom to use against enemies.
    16. Waves, which could make it harder to swim near the surface.
    17. Some emergency thing that makes you float REEAAAALLLY quickly to the top in case your cyclops breaks or you gotta go fast and get outta there.
    18. Journal thing maybe.
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    Endless map and depth down to 10 km with millions of species randomly made ... :P

    Also harpoons and torpedoes for those pesky 1 km sized monsters

    And more base add ons

    Also NPC survivors that can live in our colonies maybe
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    Okay I do not know if this or anything similar has been posted yet and I dont really feel like reading all posts so far to find out. But here are my suggestions as for now.

    Different decisions affecting the way to play the game

    So far, I thought of 3 possible ways to play.

    1. Adapt: You may eventually find out that there are in fact native intelligent beings who have created an elaborate society. They might even be the very reason why the Aurora crashed in the first place, wanting to prevent an alien invasion to colonize their world and drive them away. They are suspicious of you at first, maybe even fear you because you pose a threat to their entire existence, since you originally came to colonize. In order to get along with the natives, you refuse to call for help. You choose to learn their language or create a translator and choose to live with them.
    Pro: The natives will become your allies, helping you out wherever they can with local resources, items only they can provide and unique blueprints to make your life easier. They will even allow you to stay in their cities and use their technology.
    Con: You will stay the only human on the planet, forced to abandon your past. Your human resources are limited and you do not gain access to any additional ones once they run out.

    2. Colonize: Your original mission was to colonize the planet in the first place. So you put all your resources in repairing the communication system of the Aurora and contact Earth to send more ships. This will forever change the way your game is played.
    Pro: More colonists will arrive and help you build bases, secure area, gather materials and fight creatures. You also will frequently get supply packages dropped close to you.
    Con: This will infuriate the native intelligent species. They will perceive you and all humans as a threat and start attacking on sight. Additionally, they will frequently organize assaults on you and your bases.
    Here, a possible sub-decision can be made where you either choose to wipe out the locals or try to arrange peace. No matter which option you choose, picking the colonization option will prevent you from gaining the technology and goods from the natives.

    3. Escape: This would pretty much be an ending. You either try to repair the Aurora or create a smaller vessel capable of interstellar space travel in order to espace the hostile world. Depending on how well you prepared your food, water and material stocks, you may or may not make it back to earth. If you do, you will report to your supperiors that the ocean world is too hostile to be colonized.

    Functionality Modifications for Vehicles

    As for now, the Seamoth and the Cyclops are both pretty defenceless. I as one who is actually afraid to death of deep water and large sea creatures feel extremely vulnerable, especially knowing that there will be soon much, much larger hostile creatures. But I would not only like the idea to be able to enhance vehicles with weapons, but also with tools. The Seamoth could be much more useful if you wouldnt need to climb out of it everytime you want to pick something up. It should get grabber arms to pick up items for you. I mean, who wants to leave the Seamoth at depths that can crush your bones from water pressure, surrounded by huge hostile deep sea creatures? Wheter you can only have one modification, as in weapons or grabbers, or being able to use them both at the same time is up to you. The hot key bar at the bottom screen can be adapted to become a hot key bar for the Seamoth's equipment or the Cyclops' weaponry and tools when in use. I also think you should be able to advance or change a Seamoth while it is docked in a Cyclops by going to the bottom deck and make changes as you stand beneath it.

    Cinematic Opening

    The speech in the intro can be skilfully cut into several pieces that allows an awesome cinematic to be played when you start a new game. I would love to see just a short film of how the Aurora flies through space, approaches the ocean world, something going terribly wrong, it crashing and the escape pot launching with the player inside. Depending on how well the speech is cut, this could make starting a new game much more dramatic, enhancing the survival aspect of the game.

    Crazy Alien Creatures

    So far, I have noticed that many creatures are heavily inspired by ocean animals of our world. While this is fine so far, I would appreciate to see some really crazy creative designs that do not resemble anything known on earth. Many even are just basically two animals mixed together like the rabitray, the jellyray, the crabsquid or even the crabsnake This is a foreign world after all, where evolution had the chance to take entirely different steps. Maybe Im a bit spoiled from Spore when it comes to this, but I do love the unusual and abstract.

    Sink Dat Island!

    The terraforming tool is quite a lot of fun, even if overpowered at the moment. If you want to keep the theme of being able to alter the envorment to your liking entirely, you should also be able to decide the fate of a floater island. I did notice that there is the idea going on of using floaters as a projectile to make creatures float to the surface. You should be able to kill or maybe even harvest the giant floaters beneath the island and if too many are gone, it should sink to the ocean floor again with a spectacular splash and whirlpool. Who knows, maybe giant floaters could be useful in fighting a Sea Emperor later... I still dread the day this thing comes into the game, fully developed and properly sized...
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    also those guns and that monster look awesome :D
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    I won't add anything new to seabases concept. But I would like to enhance navigation.
    Currently all vehicles provide internal light source which with glass reflection makes observation rather difficult.
    1. First of all - change inside light color/intensity when player start steering vehicles. In SeaMoth its easy. In Cyclop changing internal light in cockpit would be at least climatic.
    2. enhancing visibility. Simplest choice would be to use some kind of sonar/radar to gather topographic silhouette of surrounding terrain. Range and detail of those readouts could be varied by different factors (from ship upgrades through terrain, water and unidentified phenomenas to data gathered from spread out sonar bases).
      This concept could be used as a part of some bigger and more complex change. Example scan from stationary sonar base.
      I would like to see holographic like displays with those information while I would be steering Cyclop. Those data would be to much to handle for SeaMoth .
    3. nothing new - managing navpoints. Filtering them by PDA tab entries, sorting by custom names and distance.
    4. add Attitude indicator for SeaMoth . It's easy to lost track of direction, especially in caves. Or some switch forcing to autolevel SeaMoth when controls are inactive.
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    Ok hear me out, a two to eight person multiplayer and the story would be since the aura was sent to settle the planet but was taken down, they sent another ship called the harbinger down which was a slightly bigger combat ship and it too was taken down, but since the ship was for combat you can make more lethal weapons and ships, like a submarine bigger than a cyclops, called the narwhal, and it can hold either three seamoths or one cyclops and it would have weapons so you can have naval war with friends (of course you can all be friends too). You could make shields, turret and a sonar for bases, plus real rooms and a cloaking devise for your ships. There would be more hostile animals and maybe some more advanced aliens who shot you down, so naturally they are hostile. But since you would probably be using your world, instead of just putting up your world in a list of others, hoping your friends can find and no one else will join, instead when you make your world public, it just gives you a code and your friends type it in a multiplayer search and if it is right they join. Of course you can change names, but once I saw you can store a seamoth in the cyclops, I though multiplayer would be cool and it kinda snowballed. I realize it may be hard but I wanted to get my idea out, so ya
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    I think a net or something designed to catch life forms should be made and some sort of mini aquarium on the cyclops to transport the fish home to put into a larger aquarium that is built to study the life forms and give you information on them
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    Multi-Player? No Way!

    There appears to be a demand for a multi-player option in Subnautica. For the record, I'm dead-set against it.

    Seems like a rather pointless exercise, at least from where I'm standing. First and foremost, Subnautica is a survival game.

    You are stranded ALONE on an alien world and your primary goal is survival, pitting you against whatever hardships the planet can throw at you.

    The very last thing I want is to do is share this world with childish Griefers, Coiners and Code Monkeys.
    Likewise, I do not relish the possibility of someone constantly strip-mining the map of all resources or worse still, dismantling my bases to supply their own selfish needs.

    The primary motivation for requesting a multiplayer mode appears to be the simple-minded delight found in destroying things; most typically Subnautica's sealife or someone else's base. In addition to requiring a major and costly re-write of the core design, a multiplayer version would utterly destroy the central premise of the game: The player is meant to be surviving, building and exploring... ALONE. If the planned arc of the story includes discovering more areas to explore, new technologies to research and unravelling a deeper mystery behind the Aurora's demise, better still. This is precisely the sort of game that I signed up for.

    As far as sharing in-game experiences with other players is concerned, the SN Forums are still the best places for that. There have been some truly amazing posts here; everything from workable suggestions that would greatly enhance gameplay, worthwhile hints and great screenshots, right up to genuine masterpieces of player's original concept art. This is the direction that player interaction should be taking... Not just blowing the living crap out of everything in sight. - There are plenty of games with that objective already out there, and man, do they get old real fast.

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    Some thing I think Subnautica should have:

    I think there should be a huge open ocean with massive creatures. Possibly a whale like monster with a huge mouth and multiple flippers along a serpent like body.

    Sea emperor should be the most intimidating massive dangerous thing in the game.

    There should be a lot of creatures and an absolutely huge map.

    An arctic biome with terrible creatures waiting behind ice chunks ready to swallow the next possible meal whole.

    Mostly passive weapons as outright killing things does not seem to fit the game.

    More creatures!

    More plants and fungi and coral.

    Tidal waves!

    Floating islands on the water.

    An entire hand crafted underwater world! This will probably never happen but Subnautica deserves it!
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    hm ... there are many post that are going strong in a direction where the game can quickly turn into a underwater FPS. i dont like that! the gameplay and mood of SN are so peacfull and beautifull... of course there are dangereous animals but would u kill a shark only because it is dangerous? no u would not! u would avoid it! and thats the point. the dangerous animals are there to deliver a challenge and some nice tension or obstacles to the exploring gameplay! not to blast ur way trough them with lasers and explosives. Ur goal should be to learn their behavior and learn how to overcome it without unnecessarily killing everything!

    if the devs would add offensive weapons it is most likely that it would ruin the game!

    and u can be sure that the devs will add more effective ways to defend urself when they become needed. the BIG-fish are not even in the game yet! so please relaxe a bit!
  • Shovel_FighterShovel_Fighter UWE PT Team Join Date: 2015-03-22 Member: 202443Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
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    Some thing I think Subnautica should have:


    he @InogoodatUsername , this is actually exactly the dev-roadmap! asides from some minor differences! Read more on Trello:
  • Frank_The_DuckFrank_The_Duck Ireland Join Date: 2015-03-28 Member: 202659Members
    Christian is right about the underwater fps thing, that's not what the game is about and sure there might be weapons added but they wouldn't be fps style kill everything, they would be things like Christian's blunderbuss Idea, they would be more for stunning, pacifying or simply distracting weapons.
  • ZundyZundy UK Join Date: 2015-03-26 Member: 202589Members
    I personally would enjoy multiplayer capability, obviously it shouldn't be forced but a single player and multiplayer game mode would be nice IMHO.
  • The_Unknown.The_Unknown. roosendaal Join Date: 2015-04-13 Member: 203389Members
    ( brace yourselves,long post ahead)hello,before we start, you there, you know who is awesome? read till the end to know the answer just like the rest i have some ideas to be implemented, so let's cut to the chase.
    i have multiple types of ideas, first of all,

    base creation
    >lights, multiple ways to illuminate your base, for example using the light mushrooms/acid mushrooms or the illuminating Jellyfish.
    normal lights that u place atop of your base to shine at given direction.
    >more window/glass options, there are as of now only very few options for windows, either on the side, or at the end, i would like to see: under so you can walk on it, above, at the end to be able to make a walk-in glassglobe so u have a perfect 360 view for example in a cave with beautiful scenery.
    >multiple types of stairs, for example: the L turn could be turned around, you should be able to make it longer, for example make it so that u can put new *blocks* of stairs, or make it possibly that the current stairs can go deeper without the use of multiple corridors.
    >Water filter system, this has been asked for multiple times, in real life, there are special drink straws that you put in any kind of water, you drink and its completely filtered. use this as an idea to perhaps make it possible to purify water over time. or use power to purify water, for example, use batteries/powercells and ingots to make a machine that boils water for you, seperating the water from the salt and bacteries, so u can claim and water and salt for food.
    >power generator, there is an actually power generator but there should be one to generate power for other smaller things, for example, u can catch eletric types of fish(electric eel) that u put in something that will regenerate power for example batteries or even powercells, u can pick up empty batteries/powercells and hook them up to the electric fish basin/machine
    >terraforming, at the moment the only thing u can do is add and delete a pre specified amount of sand, what i would like to see is: multiple shapes, multiple sizes, multiple materials.
    >oxygen the base always has oxygen but that is kind of weird, you need a machine to make oxygen, and the game already has a perfect plant for the machine, you can use the big round bubble plants to make a machine that catches the bubbles and converts them into your base.

    >as named above, electric fish.
    >poison fish: small fish that u can catch using a net, with the fish u can make small vials to break to scare of a bigger fish whenever one is trying to attack you, the fish swim in groups so u can catch a bunch simultaniously. this way you dont need to get more violent while still securing safety.
    >illuminating scary fish, as you go deeper u see less, maybe some illuminating jellyfish or mushrooms but thats really it, make some scary fish like the anglerfish lurk the bottom of the sea, even more reason to get the poison vials.
    >fish overal, it would be great to make it possible to catch fish with a net, and then release them around your base where stay in a x radius so you can populate places that really look good to build but are empty for the eyes,
    >special fish with thick skin that lives in the deep,(100/200) you can catch this using xxx perhaps stasis rifle/net to bring back to base and use it for material for thermosuit

    >a plant that uses the idea of the butterfly trap to catch fish instead, open the plants to get food or place them around your base for food.
    >plant with antidote, can be used to cure ilness such as poison/food poisoning
    >bait plant, a plant that you can find frequently, used as bait for cages, or drop randomly to attract/distract fish.

    >thermosuit, u can go anywhere without getting too cold, a thermo suit should be implemented to be able to go deeper than 200m, made using thick skin from fish.
    > food/water rate is off, in actual life, wich i think the player is based off, water is more important than food, in reality a human could live without food for 5 to 7 days depending on circustances, while water is mandatory and possibly death starts already at 2 to 3 days.
    > food poisoning, at the moment u can eat everything except acid shrooms i believe, so it would be great if there would be a small chance with every type of food to get food poisoning, this gets cured by the antidote.

    at the moment u have only a few amount of gadgets, what i would like to see are:
    >special cable:u can attack a cable to a part of your base and place a machine further away, u use the cable to move around from a to b faster, this could eliminate the need for extra filter systems or gather systems. the cable is made of titanium and at the ends are just weights to keep it in place, it uses power to go back and forth,the longer a cable is the more it costs to make,also make it possibly to let go of the machine that brings u back and forth so u can stop at some place when u see loot, the machine will stop until u hatch on again.
    >net, is mandatory to catch fish for multiple purposes. could be a normal throw net, a net thats shot from a harpoon gun(non lethal) or a cage that u place in populated areas and fish go in over time(need bait refresh frequently) bait could be types of smaller fish/plants/coral.
    > special item that will make you able to breath under water for small times, a small mouthcap with 2 small co2 cilinders that use batteries to breath, you can use this for when you go deep sea diving or constructing your base.

    multiple things could be added:
    >streams: small streams that you can use to move faster, may be inhabited by types of fish(such as in finding nemo)
    >deep see trenches that are especially deep and scary that's very dark and inhabited by scary monsters(could be scared away by use of vials), at the bottem there are rewarding plants/materials.

    these were all ideas i havent seen before or were not explained enough/good idea bad execution.
    if anyone agrees/disagrees want to add anything please do so, and you, you are awesome for reading until the end, have a nice day!
  • BugzapperBugzapper Australia Join Date: 2015-03-06 Member: 201744Members
    WhiteWizard... Great post, mate.

    I think that the Terraformer smoothing functionality would be extremely useful, particularly when it comes to building massive undersea structures such as submarine pens or even terraformed fortifications that could cover the most vulnerable areas of underwater bases. I'll be tinkering with these ideas sometime soon to see whether the 'Hard Shell' construction method causes any graphics or gameplay glitches. Still need to find a suitable patch of terrain to start terraforming what is essentially an artificial hollow mountain with its base somewhere around the 300 metre mark. I've always wanted a secret lair hidden inside an (inactive) volcano.

    Must be that recessive 'Dr. Evil' gene kicking in.

    It would still need a number of small but crucial changes to be made to the game's internal workings before it becomes properly habitable, though: The ability to transfer that oxygen-producing brain coral to farming ponds inside player-built structures. Sorting out the air/water interface graphic glitches, constructed surface integrity (re: clipping problems) and adding atmospheric pressure mechanics, realistically extended dive times at depth without lugging 10 tanks around, a fish farming capability, etc. etc...

    Incidentally, there are indeed Bone Sharks appearing in the 'safe' shallows. There's a beacon signal token that will take you straight to them.

    Or Bleeders, if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

    Better make sure your Stasis Rifle is cocked, locked and ready to rock. 8-X
  • InogoodatUsernameInogoodatUsername Join Date: 2015-04-13 Member: 203377Members
    Great idea! You should also be able to record, study and collect the monsters and plants you find and maby clone ancient fossils and frozen carcasses.
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