Simple - Inherit Res from Disconnected person

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I joined the TG server yesterday, and I "received 15 res from a disconnected player."

I was able to flash lerk immediately, and as I was respawning as skulk and my team was about to lose the game, I thought "Wow, why is this not part of the basic game!?"

So why is it not?

For added kek, maybe have a "ghost" player that actually accumulates res for new joiners upon disconnect or nonexist (so if the game starts 6v6, the joiners get res as if they were in the game from the beginning).


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    It creates bad unwanted behaviour. People will think: "It doesn't matter anyway if I leave or afk and get kicked, because team will get res". Or coerce "bad" players to leave to get his res. Also exploitable.
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    I don't agree with the first argument; I think people go AFK and leave anyway, regardless of whether their team will get screwed because of it. In fact, a lot of people leave exactly when the outlook of the game is too difficult. And when someone goes AFK, I don't think a thought crosses his/her mind that "oh, I HAVE to keep playing because I have a responsibility to my team." Hell no, people just go AFK for whatever reason, regardless.

    I agree that people would want to get rid of "bad" players, and maybe that's not such a bad thing. This is Natural Selection anyway, right? xD Just kidding: I think those concerns are more valid but still exaggerated. Noobs may be disliked now, but you don't see them getting kicked left and right for being bad at the beginning of the game. In fact, I don't think I've seen a single votekick for being too noob. I have seen votekicks against good players though xD . I don't think players will vote against people in hopes someone better will connect to get the extra res anymore than they do now - which is not at all. Especially when there's 3-5 servers up most of the time nowadays -_- .

    Exploitable? I don't get how. As long as the "ghost" players are not reusable, I see no problems i.e. if someone connects, gets 40 res, goes onos dies, and disconnects, the next player will "inherit" their slot (res slots structured like a stack), and start with 0 res, not get another 40 res. I think inheriting the res you would've had since the beginning of the game without accounting for previous deaths would be extremely bad, yes, but as long as it's sequentially inherited, I don't see a problem.
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    This was a popular plugin back in the heydays of Natural Selection, if a player was kicked or disconnected, his resources would be split equally among the rest of the team.

    There was also giveres "insert number of resources here" command which when typed, whichever player was infront of you would be donated X amount of resources you gave him, this was useful back in the day when gorges had all the power to build structures.

    Don't think the second option would be suitable for NS2 though, however the first should be fine.
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    Yeah, nice idea. Also would be nice to inherit evolved creatures and tunnels. Is grenade launcher and flamer dropped when player F4/disconnects? I actually crashed few times as Onos or gorge, don't know how devastating this is for the team. Is it possible now to make a tunnel, then quit, then join and make another tunnel? Also spend everything, quit, spectate for sneaky tunnels, than join and get start res as a bonus?
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    "Dropping" an onos/exo/weapons/etc. on F4/disconnect would be a terrible, abusible idea. Giving you your onos back if you disconnect/reconnect (even if it's not given to anyone else) is also a terrible, abusible idea. Giving res (giveres) to other players is a terrible idea.

    Giving res from dropped/DCd players to new players with a stack is an excellent idea. Maybe you didn't read my post fully, but I am not suggesting that every time anyone joins they get full res as if they were there from the beginning of the game. There should be "ghost" numbered slots up to the player count of the server which keep track of res since round start arranged in a stack. If someone drops, their res goes back to the top of the stack. If someone rejoins, they get res from the top of the stack.

    So if someone spends their res, F4/disconnects, their 0 res will go on top of the stack and the new joiner will get 0 res (whether it's them or someone else). It sucks when the server isn't full though, and I can see maybe potential for what can be seen as abuse if you exit, wait for someone else to join the server (and get your 0 res) and then rejoin again, but nevertheless I think it's a better solution than starting with 20 at 10:00 . Maybe there can be an exception to prevent this specific not-sure-if-but-can-be-seen-as-abuse that overrides the ghost player res from the stack if they've been on the server in the round with their exited-server-or-f4d-res.

    I don't know why people think it'd make people hate noobs or want to kick them anymore than they do now, because I am fairly convinced they won't.

    Also, a completely different discussion, but I've always seen F4 as problematic. You can easily "cheat" by pressing f4, then spectate, then f1/2 again - or to artificially boost your KDR. In fact, I've seen people doing it before (f4ing before death) consistently, not as much recently. I personally don't like stuff that takes away power from you in any software/hardware, but maybe people should be locked in a team when they've spent more than 30 seconds in it - or something.
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    simple fix: if player gets dced from lag, gets voted off, or is out of combat they get their fade/onos/etc back
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    I'm sad to consider the possibility of someone pulling their network cable / resetting router when wild pinché marines appear, but I did.
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    For what context is worth, TGNS has hosted 10,000+ public games with the imperfect mod cited in OP. I can count on one hand the number of times anyone has uttered "exploit".
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