Can't launch my updated NS2 on my very old, updated 32-bit Windows XP Pro SP3 machine.

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I haven't played NS2 for several months since the summer time. I tried my updated NS2 today, but it won't launch. I get a black screen with my mouse cursor. I had to kill ns2.exe via cmd.exe with PSkill.exe (SysInternals' PStools). I ran validity test and NS2 installation was fine.

I tried deleting my /Steam/userdata//4920 and %appdata%/Natural Selection 2/'s Workshop (directorie/folder)s. They never got recreated when launching NS2.exe from Steam. Intregrity of Game Cache was good. I used these tricks from ... :(

According to , 32-bit Windows XP is no longer supported? Is this true? :(

Thank you in advance. :)
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