Competitive Love Story

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Hello Everyone!

As might as small ppl already knew about this, some might have the curiosity, others may know nothing at all - But i have a short and brief story to share *wink*

Last year, I joined a steam n2s group called "NA kickstart" and Locklear managed to gather 6 of us in "Team One"
SO - after few events "Team One" has changed its name to "HeLiX"

Rich was appoint as the leader of HeLix team and we managed to keep the team going for few months. Rich and I started online dating around July 2013

At first, I hated him because we had really bad first impressions. "Team One" was disbanded because lack and inactivity of members. Plus, most of us had zero experience on competitive ns2 so we thought it was better to join other team instead. I decided that I wanted to continue this team and I would let Rich to be the leader (an excuse for me to escape scrimmage schedules). He actually agreed to stay and helped me to rebuild the team - also with emotional support. From that point my bad thoughts on him slowly faded. We managed to get solid core members during that time - Mike, Sublime, Ramsus, Zonked, and Gohan. Sadly, after the ns2 championship we slowly faded away... And now we're in Lucky Fkers!

So usually we talked on mumble a lot after scrimmages and we discovered that we too play tf2 competitively. Thats how we spent our times together (with few other ppl of course). This went on until he asked me out. Things went really awkward for both of us - Rich was in united states while I was in Australia. Rich was helping his brother in texas while I was finishing my uni. He kept telling me that he never do long distance relationships before and what more on online dating. We still played video games together but the only difference was with Skype. At first, Rich thought he might be flying over to Australia somewhere in September/December but plans were changed. After I graduated he got me flight tickets on January. We finally meet in person for the first time at Kansas Airport.

I stayed in united states for almost 6 months and I had to fly back to my birth country (not Australia) for my brother's wedding. And a month later, Rich flew to my hometown and meet my family for 3 weeks.

Rich and I flew back here around August 2014 and few days ago, we signed up for our wedding applications :D

This is a very brief story - sorry.


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