Collection of SN facts (and other stuff, like guesses)

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old thread:

Needed an update, and a facelift. This time I will add the newest on top. Also, I don't have time to do all of the posts right now. The rest will follow during the next days.

Most of the tweets speak for themselves, I add comments where I think they fit.
  • clankill3r wrote: »
    and you know it can go for example till 2km underwater that if you go deeper the glass slowly starts to crack and you could figure out yourself what the max is :)
    Already in the game :)
  • "There is something very cool about @Flayra wearing an @NS2 t-shirt while works on SN... Sand?"
  • Dec 6
    "Right now, scale in SN is a bit messed up. So @Steverockan is placing @NS2 marine models everywhere to give artists a reference point"
  • Dec 6
    (Tweet by Cory)
    "Working on environment asset breakdown sheets for an area in @Subnautica. Not the most fun part of my job but helpful for asset production"
  • Dec 5
    "As @BJCummings, @corystrader & @steverockan discuss the mechanics of a new sea floor environment, @flayra ponders: "
  • Dec 4
    "At every stage of SN's development, @steverockan is profiling. This allows us to head off performance problems."
  • Dec 3
    "Not only is @UWEDev attempting a new type of game with SN, we're trying out new company production methods and resource allocations"
  • Dec 2
    "Discussing SN vehicle concepts in the @UWEDev office. @Flayra, @bjcummings, @corystrader, & @steverockan visible"
  • Nov 27
    "While @UWEDev does not have the resources of some of the bigger studios, we are making a decent fist of fish AI."

    Take that, COD!
  • Nov 27
    "Why oh why would @corystrader have pitctures of lava on his second screen?"

    Lava, guys, we're getting Lava!

    Cory's response:

    "@Subnautica What? I just like looking at pics of lava. Some days cute cats pics, some days lava."
  • Nov 26
    (Tweet by Cory)
    "@nirrad @Subnautica Ha. "Fishpeople" as the player characters was discussed, at one point, but decided against for a variety of reasons"
  • Nov 26
    "An underwater setting implies a strictly limited draw-distance (water blocks light!). Just how limited will it be for SN?"
  • Nov 26
    "We're exploring different character shapes, textures, and sizes. Here is an in-progress first person viewmodel rig:"
  • Nov 26
    "This is the second piece of SN music, created by @Sy1K1. It's called Ice. It will be up and audible some time in Dec! "
  • Nov 25
    "The excellent controls and design of @spelunkyworld are providing much inspiration to @Flayra"

    Does anyone know details about that game?
  • Nov 22
    "SN is @Flayra's baby. Like in the early days of NS/@NS2, he is working on it in the @UWEDev office late at night"
  • Nov 21
    "Little things like particle effects have a big effect on player perceptions of environment responsiveness"

    I feel a debate about vision obscuring coming up
  • Nov 20
    "Working up a new design for SN forums and blog - If all goes to plan, both will be revealed Dec 15"
    Six days to go guys

    "While SN will be revealed to the @UWEDev community on Dec 15, we don't plan to formally 'announce' the game until into 2014. Softly softly!"
  • Nov 20
    "First person arms-only swimming animations are so yesterday. Let's aim for legs as well!"
  • Nov 20
    "The endless march of little checkins will one day lead to a game!"
  • Nov 19
    "Procedural terrain generation means @Steverockan spends lots of time thinking about numbers, numbers, numbers"

So, this is the old stuff. I put it all in a spoiler so I don't have to reformat everything. I may do that one day, but it's not this day. Let's get out the new facts first.
  • Nov. 19
    First person swimming confirmed
    WHAT THE HELL is that THING on the left screen?
  • Nov. 19
    The first SN speculation forum thread has opened, and at @UWEDev we are enjoying your clever detective work!

  • Nov. 18
    "Lots of discussions about SKU's for SN this morning. PC/Mac/'Nix are the core. Xbone? PS4? Tablets? Considering all options..."
    Not sure if serious.
  • Nov. 16
    Right Screen: Looks like google pictures, searching for boats
    Left screen: A map?
  • Nov. 16
    Just for the protocol, it's running Unity 3D
  • Nov. 15
    "A new game doesn't just mean a new game - SN Websites, forums, blogs etc must be created. Most will go live Dec 15 "
    • December 15 is the day.
    • On the screen you can see a browser, having open something that appears to be the SN website. There's gorgeous blue ocean, a login field, something that could be part of a boat, and social media buttons. Oh my
  • "When you first dive into SN, you will either sink or swim. These arms we are creating will help you with that: "
    • you spawn on the open ocean?
    • first person perspective
    • apparently, one is human
    • which setting explains throwing you into the water just like that?
    • exploration through swimming/diving
  • Nov. 14
    "If kelp falls in an underwater kelp forest because a player cut it with a knife, does it make a sound?"
    • There may be kelp
    • There may be knifes
    • There may be direct player interaction with the environment, e.g. cutting kelp.
  • Nov. 14
    The left structure reminds of an UFO from XCOM: Enemy Unknown :D
  • Nov. 13
    whatever that means. I have no idea.
  • Nov. 13
    Flayra and Steve work on this.
  • Nov. 13
    a gangway. I guess it's the inside of a submarine, or some base.
  • Nov. 8
    procedural terrain confirmed
  • Nov. 6
    • screen: appears to be a hangar, you can see turquoise water outside
    • if you look closely, the middle-yellow thingy could be a diver and the left thingy some kind of remote controlled drone (think drone bay on descent) (only guessing here)
  • Nov. 4:
    Typical things being worked on at the moment: "Major pass on voxeland stuff" "populator algorithm" "refactor depth level goals"

    Anyone got an idea what that means?
  • October 30:
    • There's fish
    • they have an AI
    • they tend to spawn and loiter around greenery
  • October 29th
    • something is called "Hornet"
    • there are "reinforces", they affect the "max depth"; steve works on them (what's his job again? sorry, i dont know the devs too well..)
    • "Blueprint scanning": not sure if referring to ingame stuff or dev stuff
    • same goes for upgradable scripts
    • there seem to be storage, sensor and teleportation compartments, though. How does teleportation fit into a underwater exploration game? Seems to be sci-fi.
    • we can build and upgrade compartments


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