I don't play anymore >.<

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I've been an NS player since very early NS1. I pre-ordered NS2 as soon as I heard it was coming out. I've been playing NS2 constantly since it's release. When I play in a server, 90% of the time I will be on top of the leader board, in both K/D ratio and score, whichever side I play on. I'm not saying score and K/D ratio matters in a team game, but I will be using it as a reference point for this post.

One day, I login to have a nice game of NS. I join a server to find that things look very different. "That's strange" I say to myself, I didn't see any news about an update. I start to play and I realize that I am lagging horribly, as well as everyone else. Warping around corners in reverse. Fun! I also notice that I can't aim anymore, my mouse feels 'off' but I don't quite know why. I turn on alien vision; OMFG MY EYES. I go to chomp on a marine. HE FLIES AWAY FROM ME? What just happened?! I join the marine side and realized you have a lot more mobility. Then a skulk ambushes me. I jump my heart away, but since I can no longer aim because my mouse feel has been changed in some way, I land up emptying a few clips into the wall. Fast forward what feels like 5 min into the skirmish, I'm still hopping away not hitting much and then I finally kill the skulk. He got a total of one bite on me the whole time. I take a look and the name of whom I've killed; it's a player that I've played with many times and he is more than decent. The more I play, the more it feels like someone accidentally dropped an alpha patch on me. Alright, no more confusion, I'm going to read the patch notes. I log off NS and find there are no patch notes. What the hell? Read the forums, find out they dropped a pretty much unplayable beta patch on us so they can test it for the free weekend. Good news is that the final version will be coming soon. Well, I'm not in the mood to be a beta tester, I just wanted to have fun. The state that the game is in now is not fun at all.

The final release is out! Joy! I read through the patch notes quickly and hop onto to my favorite server. I'm glad to see that I'm no longer warping backwards through the map. I still cannot aim because of how my mouse feels. I start on marine and I'm at the bottom of the score board by the end of the game. What the hell. Hop on aliens, turn on alien vision; *shudder*. I sneak up on a marine and *poof* he's gone after the first bite. This 'uglier than a diarrhea sandwich' alien vision is not helping any either. After about 20 min, I rage quit. First time I've ever rage quit. I check the forums for a fix for my mouse and there is one. I try to apply said fix and it feels a lot better, but still not the same. I landed up spending about an hour playing with all the mouse settings, but it was all in vain. I find some settings that feel ok and try to get a feel for all these changes. After a few hours, the best I can do score wise is the bottom quarter of the board, but more importantly, I am not having fun at all. Quite the opposite of fun, actually. I then rage quit for the second time ever. The next day of play is pretty much the same story. After that, I stopped playing for about a week. I just went on today, and after 10-15 minutes of play, I rage quit again, with a total of 0 kills and 15 deaths on the alien side.

The last time I checked, I did not have an an aneurysm which caused me to lose my motor skills or brain function. When you make changes so drastic that one of the players that was previously at the top of the score board is now on the bottom, you've done something very wrong.

Let's get one thing straight; the skulk is supposed to be a powerful melee and ambush class. This is the way it's been since NS1 and if you ask me, that's the way it should be. What marines have as their advantage is range, and that is a huge advantage by itself. The way things are now, ambushing means that you'll have one bite over the marine, but all they need to do is strafe jump and shoot you in the face. Skulk is no longer the class that it's supposed to be. Alien vision is now ugly as hell, and it hurts my eyes, but one of the other functions of alien vision was to further cement skulks and fades as being powerful melee classes. As of now, alien vision is in such a way that it becomes harder to track marines in the heat of battle, and that is further made worse by the fact that every time you bite, you're blind for a split second. Pair that with marines new vanishing trick, and skulks are pretty much good for catching bullets. I found it very easy to dodge skulks before, but now it's just ridiculous. If my memory serves me: in NS1, marines didn't have anywhere near the mobility that they do now. If you let a skulk get near you, you were fucked, and it worked. There were none of these hopping fests that you get with encounters now.

I get the need for balance changes, but the changes of late have been too severe. You're changing the core of the game. When you make balance changes, they need to be more subtle. For example: marines are weak versus skulks? Why not try to increase bullet damage versus skulks. Simple and effective. The important part is, you're not changing the way that class feels to play. I've spent a large amount of time playing this game, and I've worked my way to become a good player. It seems like every update, all my time put into the game is worth nothing because there are so many mechanics I need to re-learn every time. This is extremely frustrating as a player.

Some of you may argue with me that this change is good for this reason, etc, etc. I don't really care about that. I am here to state my dissatisfaction about how things have been going, and why. The players are what make the game; and I'm here, as a player, to tell you: I no longer enjoy playing the game. When I get home, I no longer have the urge to jump into an NS game right away, or at all. Today was the first time I've played since Saturday and I usually play daily. I don't think I'll be playing anytime soon either. Do I think that you devs tried to make me hate the game? No. I think you guys have the best of intentions. I know you guys are an extremely talented team and I think great things will come of you, but I implore you: please change the way you've been doing things as of late. Drop an unplayable beta patch with no notice? That doesn't fly with me. I saw in the post that you didn't have enough beta testers. That was news to me, I never saw anything that said you guys were in serious need of beta testers. I often beta test games when the option is there, because it allows me to get a feel for what's to come. I didn't even know there was beta version available for me to play! It's also not the first time that a patch has changed the way my mouse feels. A few patches ago my mouse sensitivity reverted back to default for no apparent reason. It took me quite awhile to adjust it back to what I was used to. It's really frustrating when something like that changes for the simple reason of muscle memory. My brain knows (from repetition) that I need to move my hand X distance to get to X location on the screen. When you change that, that brain needs to re-learn it. Whatever was changed with the mouse has made the game unplayable for me, and I know I'm not the only one. In a first person shooter, if you make a change that affects the mouse feel in any way, *STOP*. Revert those changes and try again.

Let's step back and look at 2 of the most successful game developers, Blizzard and Valve. They never bend for any deadlines and their release dates are almost always pushed back (episode 3 anyone?). Take a look at the results of that, all they make is gold. This patch you threw at us was rushed, and it's shows. Take your time to do it right. I really like the idea of Reinforced. It's something new, and I honestly hope it works for you. Sadly, I will not be one of the contributors, not with the way I feel about the game currently. Show me you can bring the fun back into the game, and I will vote and support you with my wallet, that is a promise. Take all the time you need, I will be patient.

Much love,

A Gay Possum



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    blizzard make solid gold... did you hear about diablo 3?

    they make solid turd, but sweep it all away so you're left with tiny particles of minerals which look like gold but are actually more turd.
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    UWE has nowhere near the budget that Blizzard and Valve has, so it's unfair to say that they should take the same approach as them. Getting the new things out for pax is monumental for their pr efforts and overall success.

    That being said, at this time I only briefly skimmed your post. So regarding to your technical issues, if you haven't checked this thread out already I recommend you do so.


    Windows Aero and any sort of overlay hooker(besides steam) seems to cause these issues currently.
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    I understand the frustration, and it's annoying to experience what you did. I myself haven't had any problems, and the game runs almost perfect. And as UWE said, they did test it with a number of people, who didn't have problems. Most people are probably doing fine, but even so, there was a new patch today/yesterday, hopefully it will help fix some of your problems.
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    join the club

    the game was at least playable when the beta part stayed in a beta branch

    then they pushed a disastrous balance patch which wasn't ready to leave beta. it was 95% alien wins in fair matches, even after redesigning the gameplay a lot... and they kept it that way for like 2 months

    and then they released this latest build which is basically another beta

    and then they asked for more money...
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    Aneurysms can occur very sudden. Maybe you should consult a doc?
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    Post number 1 is rage quit number 4. I think that's a new record! Welcome to the forums. The calls for playtesters have been repeatedly made here for a couple of months now, by the way.
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    @A_Gay_Possum alien vision is only for dark rooms.
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    tuxator wrote: »
    @A_Gay_Possum alien vision is only for dark rooms.

    Fine, Alien vision is for dark rooms. What tool do you propose giving aliens instead to allow them to track floating marines?
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    So basically you whine because you are no more at the top of the scoreboard on pubs ? Skill is about to adapt, you are not as skillful as you thought, that's alright. However the comparaison between Blizzard/Valve and UWE is dumb as hell. Criticize features is fine, it´s necessary, but make an "attention whore thread" just to say that the game is shit because you no more have the best k/d ratio is childish.
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    I find myself still able to use the new alien vision in light places too. Structures and marines are white and therefore are easy to track. If you can't see them, you must be blind.
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    I'm patient, are you?

    First they put a big sign that they were in a need of beta testers. It was a month ago, if I'm not mistaken. Hugh did a video about it too, so they are not responsible for your unawareness.

    The changes were made to make the game more accessible, more intuitive to new players and to address some balance problems. I like that they try different stuff, unlike many other companies, who only stick to what is proven and milk their player base.

    Does it suck to have the mouse lag and the worse performance? Yes, it does but this is software and software breaks. Patience is a virtue, someponies say.
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    Obraxis wrote: »
    sotanaht wrote: »
    tuxator wrote: »
    @A_Gay_Possum alien vision is only for dark rooms.

    Fine, Alien vision is for dark rooms. What tool do you propose giving aliens instead to allow them to track floating marines?

    New alien normal vision gives marines quite visible orange outlines like in L4D. Makes it much easier to track marines than without it like in previous patches.

    I don't get why people need that anyway...did none of you guys ever play some sort of arena shooter? Compared to arena shooters the combat here is quite slow in my opinion.
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    Therius wrote: »
    Which begs the question of why change the palette at all, if all it does is have the same function with more eye strain and ugliness?

    Because the old palette looked like something out of a cartoon?

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    I have to say there were good points in the OP hidden in a complete rant, first of all, if you say you're very skilled in the game but now can do nothing, then we all know that you're not skilled. I think of myself as a decent player, so I can stand against good players with decent scores. The recent patches only affected my skill-level for the first two hours or so.

    Second, don't complain about not knowing about beta testing needs or patches if you clearly never visit the website they're on, Reinforced has been advertised for half of the summer, they made a post about how to apply for urgent beta testing, you are just simply lying or just didn't check the website for a few months.

    I do agree about the mouse movement, the fix made it somewhat playable, but not the same. What did I do? Magic word: adapt. The same thing I did when I (succesfully) tested if a bigger mouse sensitivity gave a better performance when I was still pretty much a newbie.

    Oh yeah, like people have stated, the alien vision has always been meant to be used in dark rooms, I always did better constantly using it but still only rarely used it because I love the graphics of the game, and I enjoy NS2 better when I can see all the amazing things there are in the maps instead of green and orange, so I love the change to the alien vision.

    I could go on for a pretty long time, but I'll just end this with another thing I agree on: the marine jumping.
    First game of Reinforced: I hop onto aliens, go try munching some 'rines, they jump away pretty far, I get the kill since I've gotten used to the playstyle of bite --> dodge bullets by running up a wall to close distance etc --> repeat.
    The new mobility doesn't change anything if you do something like that, HOWEVER when I jumped on the marines, I was stunned of how easy it was to get away from a skulk, so naturally I dominated pretty much any skulk who tried to get a fast kill by just getting 3 consecutive bites in without any kind of advanced maneuvering, so all in all even though it promotes advanced skulk movement, imo all it does is make things harder for new skulks.

    That's it, now I'm off for a few matches. :)
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    1. aliens need more fps
    2. marines shouldn't hop around, it's stupid. second jump should be like half as far as first.
    3. marines need the weaker less accurate LMG from NS1, have the current rifle as a precision firing upgrade, then have HMG as an unprecise bullethose.
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    After the release in october 2012 uwe released new features like: gorgetunnel, Exos, grenades, new maps ...
    Every of this new features need rebalancing of the previous stuff.
    This is "normal" in an asymetric game an you can not compare new features in NS2 with new weapons in BF3 or another shooter.
    You get this new features for FREE. Something like the female Marine would be an "Booster Pack" in the EA-world=5$ extra.
    Instead of "Thank you UWE, that you still advancing the game 1 year after release", people complain about "Oh god, i have to relearn things again"
    All this "relearning" is done within 1 hr. This is the time where to have 2-3 matches on the new biodome map.
    "Oh god, a new map. I have to relearn where to go"

    The playercounts are small compare to other multi-millionen dollar blockbuster games. What a suprise.
    But without these updates, changes, improvements the game would be really dead.

    To the OP: You never be on the forum before, noone knows you here. And as noone going to miss you here, have fun with the "gold making" developers.
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    Asmodies wrote: »
    You're acting like UWE is a dynamic new bold dev team that's just getting sour graps from people who don't "get" their vision.

    Nope. Actually you are acting like you were the one to define how much a company can change their software. As if you had anything to say about it.

    They change the game with updates to an amount normally only seen in DLC. And you complain about it. That's what I wrote and that's what you do.
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    "No offense but this sounds like new generation whine"

  • HamletHamlet Join Date: 2008-08-17 Member: 64837Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Neoken wrote: »
    Most arena shooters don't have melee combat are dead.
    FTFY :D
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    Why do you think I can't stand criticism of my favored game, when the only thing I did was writing my opinion down in a snappy 3-liner? At least that are forums for, aren't they?

    I haven't tried to stop you from posting or anything.

    There sure is stuff to criticize on many things. (AV, Performance, overpowered aliens since spawn-chose-change)
    But in my opinion, changing the game fundamentally isn't such a thing. And all I did was voicing that opinion.

    I also don't believe that there are any evidence that changing a game in a big way drives away more people than it brings back. At least I came back to play after the first introduction of the balance mod. And there will always be people that whine about change. In every game. At every patch. But the people that came back to the game because it got interesting again doesn't create a whine-thread. They just play.
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