Source 2 and L4D3 confirmed?

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    Looks like it, but forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm until actual screenshots of actual games.
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    I'm very interested what their final product is on the far right. It's not highlighted. HL3 confirmed.

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    Source2? That's a terrible name, GoldSrcs, Source, and now Source2? :(

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    @Kouji_San Project names my son, project names.

    Or atleast I hope so ^_^
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    Pretty excited for their new engine more for L4D3. About time. Will be irritating if HL3 isn't planned before L4D3 though.
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    Why call it source two? >.>
    why not.. spring?
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    Lots of things have an internal name which has nothing to do with the final name.
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