RightMB = give welder

BroseidonBroseidon Join Date: 2011-07-18 Member: 110935Members
When you have your welder equipped and are facing a fellow teammate marine you can give him/her your welder by pressing your right mouse button, the player reviving the welder gets a notification that you have given him/her your welder and that he/she should weld you. Similar to how you give other players your equipment in L4D2.

This would be useful since you might not have more than one welder in a group of marines, so there is no one to weld the marine holding the welder. I know you can just drop your welder and ask a teammate to take it and weld you but that is a bit tedious and usually leaves those two marines out of focus for incoming aliens. This change is simply to make the trading of welders more elegant. This functionality could also be added to other items and equipment, like for example: mines.
What do you think?


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