gorgeous owned spark map?

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My texture viewer is so slow and often time it crashes my system when i type in a word to find a specific texture. it always opens with some materials.^ thing. when i remove that I slow to a crawl and spark freezes.


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    Ah, unfortunately, you've fallen foul of the fact that we don't really have enough people to document all of this stuff. For reasons of allowing precision detailing it was decided during 140 development to allow access to prop textures from the texture browser. As a result, we added "^materials/" as the default filter, which limits the texture browser to the level geometry materials you're used to. To filter further write your search term ("trim" or whatever) after "^materials/" i.e "^materials/ trim".

    The slowdown probably comes from the fact that your editor is trying to generate a huge amount of thumbnails all in one go (if I do the same thing, it gets hung up for a little while and then becomes responsive once it's generated the first batch).

    If you want to filter something other than materials, it works by following from the "beginning" of the filename, so if you wanted all the props textures, replace "^materials/" with "^models/props/"
  • jstoiajstoia Join Date: 2009-12-15 Member: 69667Members
    i never had that ^materials/ before . would rather have a button to help filter things...
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    I have a solid state and when i hit small and look at all props or textures it hangs up for about 15 seconds then loads them all.

    SSD's arent' cheating, right?
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