Looking for a talented Coder for NEW project

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NS TD. enough said?

Basically my idea is as simple as you can guess. I want to make a "turret" defense game off of spark engine. The down side is I have no clue how to code. I have a bunch of great ideas. But no way to express them. I feel that in games today real good 3d "defense" games are very few and far between. So if you think you have the chops to create with me a turret defense game. Let me know.

One great thing i can think of for this is the ability for the community to very quickly and easily make custom maps for the mod.


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    Well then learn coding, lua isn't hard and all the things you need for a tower defense are in ns2,
    like pathing system, turrets, command chairs etc.
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    The evil Kharaa are using gorge tunnels to invade the human world. As the last living member of the TSF, you must use your nanite powers to defend against the horde of skulks, gorges, lerks, fades, and onos!

    Also, I second JimWest, learning and coding with lua is fairly straight forward, though it can be time-consuming for the non-programmer. If you want to make such a mod, that typically means your going to have to be the leader programmer too.
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    I second the "Time Consuming Part"... You might get lucky and have a coder jump in to help you out, but it's a good idea to put 20 minutes to an hour (or more if you're mad) into learning lua every day. Here's a tutorial: http://lua-users.org/wiki/LuaTutorial and don't forget programming in Lua: http://www.lua.org/pil/index.html

    Think of actually learning lua as a plan B. No point wasting your time waiting.
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    well. i dont have time enough to do what I am currently invested in. lol. learning a code language seems huge to me. I just want the idea out so people would think on it. If not me then maybe someone will feel inspired.
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    so 10 minutes a day is too much? Alright then, I guess I can see your point.
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    @ScardyBob lol, that actually sounds like some good silly fun

    I basically agree with JimWest. I can speak from experience, with almost any kind of mod, if you aren't willing to do the work yourself, it will most likely never happen. I know the problem of not-enough-time too well. Lots of things I'd like to mod out, but don't know how to model/animate/texture stuffs.
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    jstoia wrote: »
    Basically my idea is as simple as you can guess.

    Ahh the famed 'idea man'.

    If only you had any clue how often programmers are approached by people with 'The next big idea!' but have absolutely no desire to do any of the work themselves.

    Check this recent vid out on why everyone should get the opportunity to learn to program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKIu9yen5nc
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    I agree that we need dedicated game designers... but ideas people are not designers, they're anyone. So either post up a game design document or learn to program and code it up yourself.
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    Learning Lua on one's own with no programming background is no small task. You might be able to hack at code after just a few hours and make simple mods (like making ARCs shoot cysts or widening the pistol bullet spread). But a new game mode, even one as simple as turret defense, would take days or weeks of work even for an experienced programmer (NS2 programming devs excluded; they have something of an advantage here). A lot of college educated programmers I've met wouldn't even know where to start.

    Not to discourage anyone... programming can be a lot of fun if you have a talent for it!
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    i only say that because i am currently the lead mapper for sanity full conversion mod working on 2 maps for the mod. doing a remake of shiva. and i have work and full time school. And a new fiance with a baby on the way. So 10 minutes a day isnt alot. but my days are very filled. I am more than happy to make the maps and lvls for the mod but I dont know how much progress i would make doing the code.
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    So if anyone wants to help. let me know
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