Link to forum from Front page?

GrimfangGrimfang Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13086Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow
There doesn't seem to be a direct link to forum from the front page. I can use one of the 3 rotating items in spotlight, but I assume that over time they will be replaced by something else, so it would be nice with a direct link.


  • UzguzUzguz Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17016Members, Constellation
    You can get there from the NS2 page, but still, having it as a permanent fixture on the home page is a must. A home page with no obvious link to the community feedback area gives the feel of those stiff corporate sites that don't have one.
  • CrispyCrispy Jaded GD Join Date: 2004-08-22 Member: 30793Members, Constellation
    It's ridiculous that you're not linking through to your community from the .com. Dunno who you outsourced the redesign to but either their brief sucks or they're not very good.
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