Life of a Gorge

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Just something I am working on in between games. Let me know what you think.


Altera, what a nice place. Full of metal. Metal for the swarm. Full of lovely nixium. Resources for the hive. A place of beautiful rocky vistas and soothing lava.

Being partly silicon Benahr always had an affinity for graphite clifaces, bendite outcroppings and barren moonscapes. Something about them brought out the inner-rock within him. Sometimes Benahr wondered about a life spent amongst one of those vistas, building, climbing, clogging. Ah, it could be the life. However, Benahr was a Gorge of the old school. He believed in the swarm. Believed in the hive. “Hive first” he always said to his fellow Kharaa before they went off an evolved into something else. Oh the joys of nixium that they missed, days spent gorging on harvesters and enjoying the fruits of their labor. A Gorge's life, few alternatives could match it.

But a Gorge's life wasn't all fun and games. For now Benahr had work to get done, the subtle trembling beneath this feet making this ever clearer to him. Normally the ground shook regularly as the machines worked around him but this kind of shaking was different. His 'gorgesense' was keener than that of a skulk or fade, he could detect the slightest vibrational abnormalities and give detailed information on what was making them or at least, that was the idea. As cutting edge evolutions went it wasn't known to be foolproof.

Still, he could feel the men some distance away. He could sense their irregular footfalls making their way towards his nixium ports and it annoyed him. They were no doubt colonial marines coming to search his hive out in their false-carapace, coming to do violence to him and his brood with their inelegant spikers. It infuriated him. Benahr had wondered what these colonial marines would be like. At first he had held out hope of a peaceful solution between their two hiveminds but apparently the vermin had come to take it back. What nonsense! Didn’t they know that what a hive finds a hive keeps! He couldn't stand them skulking into his hive with their five toed feet and spiking all about. Truly, Benahr had half a mind to become a lerk and show them what spiking was about!

However, Lerking was for the young. Benahr had no interest in flying. The ground was safe and comforting. It's vibrations soothed him. Also, Benahr had almost finished a most lethal inconvenience for them he did not want them to miss. If they came by his particular passageway they would suffer the most inconvenient lacerations, contusions and general impaling of which he knew they would not thank him kindly for.


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    Interesting. I always imagined the Khaara have a hive mind. Meaning they are not capable of individual thought. I like the idea of gorge setting up traps for the marines. Wish we had that in-game. :D Oh, and I think your writing has a "flow" that I like. So keep writing if you can.
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    Your story made me smile. :)

    Somehow imagined it like a 50'ies character introduction.
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