What models/prefabs do you want to see in the NS2TR?



  • XenderXender Join Date: 2012-11-06 Member: 167800Members
    -rotting corpses
    -parts of bodies
    -puddles (of water, blood, acid)
    -parts of weapons
    -destroyed weapons
    -parts of fortifications
  • RedTalonRedTalon Join Date: 2012-11-14 Member: 171203Members
    Science Facility
    - Giant tubes filled with alien or unethical human experimentation samples
    - Many number crunching computers
    - Dissection Tables
    - Dissected experiments
    - Animal cages
    - Nifty prototypes that are half built and half cooked

    Residential Facility
    - Beds/Bunk beds
    - Vending machine
    - Closed out kiosks
    - Fancy entertainments like holographic TV or something like that
    - Clean outlook with nice wall paper... clean white?
  • jfmherokillerjfmherokiller Join Date: 2012-12-18 Member: 175408Members
    edited December 2012
    possibly some awards or diplomas for the personal rooms and allow the awards and diplomas to be knocked off of the shelves and walls.

    in the science lab have tables with unrolled blueprints and schematic diagrams and i cant pull my self away from it a magnifying glass like the one from Kliners lab.

    oh and did you guys forget the good ole human anatomy chart it would be perfect for the medical rooms.
  • killer monkeykiller monkey Join Date: 2010-02-26 Member: 70743Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    A clean resource and tech point skin, the current one works for refinery artset only
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