help to set up ns2serer (cannot see the server and cannot connect)

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Id watched the video "How To Create A Basic NS2 Dedicated Server (PART 1)" and i tryed to set up my own ns2 server, but there're some issues i cannot solve:
- i cannot see my server in the server list
- when im trying to connect via command line typing "connect" i take "client and server differ" ingame and "client connecting. client disconnected(ip). client and server deiffer" and sometimes "error: steam player does not exist" in a server console.

Can i be sure that ive opened the ports? On the one hand windows control panel says "yes" and server console does not complain about it as it was before i added them to exceptions and shutted down firewall. On the other hand all of online services i used to check this out told me that ports are closed.
I need somebody help :p

PS. I dont use a modem or router.


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    Did you install any mods?
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    All the things i did i saw in the video. SteamCmd, then installed server, added config file, then i tryed to run it. No modifications.
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    Add me on steam and I help you using teamspeak 3/teamviewer 7. Visit my homesite and click on my steam icon at "contact us". It will auto direct you to my steam profile.
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    I too recently encountered this issue while setting up a server. I came to the conclusion that it was something to do with ports too. So after repeatedly checking that all of the ports in the tutorial were set right, I disabled Windows Firewall entirely and set the server to DMZ (demilitarized zone) on the router and the server worked great. Not the happiest about having to use this solution, but the server setup guide is simply missing information and it would be nice to point this out at the opening of the wiki entry.

    There are still a lot of quirks to be figured out which I find every time I attempt to change something. As much as I appreciate this game and how beautiful and mature it is, I feel that we're missing a higher standard of polish compared to other major titles which I firmly believe you guys are capable of achieving, yet don't just to get things out the door faster.

    Please excuse me if my perception is faulty. I don't intend to nag or anything, just sharing my feelings.

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