Thanks for the game start camera effect

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I only wished it lasted <i>slightly</i> longer :)


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    I have been watching some of NS2HDs videos recently (this is sort of off topic) and when moving between action, he has to ghost the level geometry to get into the action.

    I think a great idea for spectators - and useful for Hugh - would be the ability to click on rooms on the minimap, and then your freelook camera is 'teleported' to a specific point in that room that has the best vantage point of that room.

    So if action is happening in DC on summit for instance, you can click the room and you are instantly freelooking from high up in one of the corners that best overlooks the room.

    This may be something that could be cool for the game start as well, so when there is a 'count down' or 'mini briefing' perhaps at the beginning of games, the camera may switch between different points in the level.

    I do like the implementation of the L4D2 camera sweep - i'm sure it is a first pass, but not that convinced about the black bars top and bottom.

    I know they help with the text, but they look a bit old school. Sort of like the CS spectator view.

    The model clipping also damages how great it is as well.
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    +1 on Runteh's idea. Though being able to click anywhere on the minimap, a la Commanders, would be vastly helpful.
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