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<div class="IPBDescription">Where to create them?</div>Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to mod the HUD.
I've had a look at the GUI***.lua files and adding a plasma resource display was easy.

Now instead of adding code to existing class files, I want to create my own.
However, I have no idea where the GUI objects are created.

Does anyone know where the alien, marine and spectator* HUDs get initialized?

*(I'm not sure there is a spectator HUD.)


  • Raza.Raza. Join Date: 2004-01-24 Member: 25663Members, Constellation
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    Ok I finally discovered the "Find in files" option and can now answer my own question. :D

    The basic HUD elements are created by Player:OnInitLocalClient() of Player_Client.
    The alien and marine specific HUDs are created by the OnInitLocalClient() functions of Alien_Client and Marine_Client.

    I'm still searching for the spectator HUD though...
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    i've also been messing about making a res display <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    its fully movable as well and i haven't got round to doing all the creation and destruction logic that you working on yet.
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    Ohhhhhh nice work.

    If you get the time, could you make something similar that displays your reserve ammo?

    (The rifle simply displays 14/50 etc. Nothing about what's left so I can plan a return trip the armoury.)
  • Raza.Raza. Join Date: 2004-01-24 Member: 25663Members, Constellation
    Reserve ammo is displayed on the weapons.
    One bar per magazine.
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