Post here if you have been playing since October 31st, 2002



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    Fades with bilebomb hurhur
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    autophase, nukes!
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    Didn't you all love rushing Marine Start and killing off the CC with a Skulk Rush by going through a Phasegate, then prolonging the game so everyone can Onos.
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    QUOTE (Smart_Bomb @ Jul 10 2010, 01:29 AM) »
    Speaking of things you wish one could forget....

    Just another entry on the 'list of things to go back in time and punch ones younger self in the face for'.
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    I think I started 5 or 10 days after this release, It was about mid of November 2002.

    I played many games before it or till now but still it is one of my best.

    I'm not sure about NS2 beacuse of heavy engine.

    My first map was ns_eclipse and we were all skulks were waiting at the South-Loop RT node. And all of us just smelling it cuz we tought that it gaves score us.
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    ah reminicing to the good ol' days of HL mods. Gawd that game got modded the hell out of it.

    Most of my memories are lost amongst the plethora of games i played since but i do remember the old slow jetpacks. It took skill to actually toutch the ceiling ^^ some games lasted long too.

    Picking the most out of the way spot just before your hive died as a gorge and just boxing yourself in with defensive towers was fun too. hide and seek ftw. longest it took to find me was 15 minutes ^^
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    I can't remember exactly what date I came in at, but it was around Oct.-Dec. and babblers was in for a while still when I was playing. i still miss the classic days of JP'ing to 3 different hives and solo'ing them, saving the marines from an end game hour long hold out at the base.. that was some fun stuff I tell ya.

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    I want Babbles back as a offensive gorge skill!
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    Don't think I've played since day 0 but very close, close enough to have used babblers many times :)
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    Lame wall builder since 1.0. Crappy fade player too.

    Gorges just wanna have fun! Still remember that community music someone made.
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    QUOTE (Align @ Jul 10 2010, 01:57 AM) »
    Just another entry on the 'list of things to go back in time and punch ones younger self in the face for'.

    here here!
    Aliens should have more things to evolve into like a scorpion that hovers without flapping.

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    Another one that was in the initial launch of ns 1.0 ###### yeah !!!
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    Bob. (BANT!!!)

    How I shot web? (Yes, this meme started with NS!)

    Blocking the elevators with towers of DCs and OCs, getting called exploiters, only to have Flayra call it a valid 'overgrowth' tactic.

    The 14 hour Battle for Bast.

    Going down to zero-hives prior to Ping of Death, sneaking a new one up and going on to win the game with three.

    Laughing at noobs calling skulks 'skulls' and babblers 'blabbers'.

    Marine-playing admins turning the TSA resource multiplier up over 100x default.

    My damn sig image actually blending in with the background of the old forum theme. >:(
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    I have the special edition 2002 shirt, but the print faded. Sadface.

    I remember when some NS Radio DJ went to use the restroom but left his mic on and when he came back everyone on IRC spammed "WHAT NO FLUSH?"
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    QUOTE (mR.Waffles @ Jul 11 2010, 05:40 AM) »
    I have the special edition 2002 shirt, but the print faded. Sadface.

    I remember when some NS Radio DJ went to use the restroom but left his mic on and when he came back everyone on IRC spammed "WHAT NO FLUSH?"

    I didn't hear you wash your hands D:
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    little afterwards, still pretty old.
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    QUOTE (Talesin @ Jul 11 2010, 04:15 AM) »
    Marine-playing admins turning the TSA resource multiplier up over 100x default.

    ah yes, the days of walking to the hive on a solid mat of turrets (that would not deactivate if the TF was destroyed)
  • TeoHTeoH Join Date: 2002-12-30 Member: 11640Members Posts: 902
    In most aspects, the game got progressively worse with increasing version numbers. Not that there wasn't a great deal of effort put into the game, the devs were cool and well meaning guys; but many of the game mechanics which made the game so lovely were unfortunately a product of chance. As they were swept aside to instead bring the game closer to the artistic vision of how it should play, NS lost a certain something.

    Here's to armour 1 marines vs. carapace skulks for the largest portion of the game, 'hunting the gorge', lurks that were scary flying melee classes, hopping marines vs hopping skulks and the combination of speed burst fade blink with hopping and air control techniques making the fade into a real nightcrawler class. Small alien hitboxes that weren't actually represented by their models but did have the effect of making long range a form of cover against the spread of marine weapons; which made the hit and run regen style of play effective when fading, and meant you had to be able to aim.

    Big up to being able to turn off stupid visual effects that obscured your view and existed in the game for artistic rather than gameplay related reasons. Jetpacks that really rewarded skillful flying in a way that jetpacks in non-jetpack orientated games rarely do, allowing you to reach 3-4 times normal movement speed with good technique, as a result of mechanics that were a complete accident. Gameplay which at any serious level avoided any use of CPU controlled automatic defenses, because they weren't cost effective, which thankfully meant they were never part of the gameplay.

    And so on and so forth...
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    QUOTE (Smart_Bomb @ Jul 10 2010, 12:29 AM) »
    Speaking of things you wish one could forget....

    Surely the issue isn't you forgetting, it's getting everyone else who was in the community back then to forget that's the problem? Oh, it still makes me chuckle today.
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    I have. sexy
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    I agree with Teoh and his viewpoint on how the game got worse with increasing version numbers. It all starting going downhill with 2.0 and nscombat imho.
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  • SnoopieSnoopie Join Date: 2010-02-16 Member: 70600Members Posts: 20
    started around late 2003, good times :) never stopped playing NS. Sometimes I'd go on for 4-6 hours everyday for weeks lol... sad, but such a great game. Looking forward to ns2
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    I don't remember when I started playing NS, but I still remember the reason why I did: "You play from inside the mouth?"
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    Babblers. Wow. I had completely forgotten about those.
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    Delete me.
  • LucanticLucantic Join Date: 2009-09-29 Member: 68908Members Posts: 4
    Remember browsing planetavp on October 31st, they had the release posted on the page and I thought "Hey, this looks interesting". Downloaded the installer, fired it up and got a facefull of skulk within 30 secs.

    Ah, the memories.
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    I remember the first time i disarmed the bomb on aztec with like 1 second to spare after killing the last T with a frag gren after running out or ammo for both my M4 and deagle........... oh wait....

    Remember seeing Merkaba's map screenies for the first time and INSTANTLY falling in love with this mod's visual style.

    remember talking to ken20banks on IRC about the alien movies and Ridley Scotts use of light :D

    remember KFS saying in IRC one day that he had met "this chick" and hit it off, then reading years later on his blog that he was now married with child on the way.

    remember KFS's License Plate "LVLDSNR" lol

    remember my computer would take 20hrs plus to compile a test build of a map, so ReadyRoom created a server you could book and they would compile it for you. (anyone remember her name?)

    remember MonsieurEvils mad PR skillz....

    remember the "Ohs Noes you've got an Onos on your Toes" re-mix

    remember the NS in real life videos on youtube. Lol @ gorge spawning a chair.

    ah good times.... thanks unknown worlds :D
    you guys truly rock.
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    Man, Goose. You're bringing back so many memories. :)

    I'll share a quick story of how I even got here.

    It was, I wanna say... October-ish of 2001. I was in an AIM chatroom related to gaming, and some guy was talking about half-life and a mod he was working on. I got interesting and he linked me to his personal page. Guys, it was Merkaba, chilling in an AIM chatroom, plugging his work, and I immediately saw Hera and was like, SWEET CHRIST, THIS IS THE HL ENGINE? Followed the links to the NS site, IRC, forums. This was so old school there was less than 100 community members between IRC/Forums.

    Right place at the right time. Went on to meet a lot of good people and friends here, playtesting NS from day 1 and helped shape the game it is now, and I'm back again waiting for the sequel with huge eager anticipation. :)

    Oh, and a shout out to Fam and Mart. The 3 of us formed Evolutionarily Challenged one faithful day in IRC and it lead to some of the best times with some of the best people in gaming I've ever had.
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    oh man 6 hours long epic games ftw. since v1.00 I have been around.
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    It's funny, I didn't like NS at first, but saw an article in PC Gamer UK back in November 2002 or something and decided to play it again, it was an unusual game back then I thought, now I rate it one of the best online games.
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