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Hi Max,

I'm evaluating Decoda for possible commercial usage as our Lua debugger.

We're using Lua in this manner:

1. we made a C++ API to handle our business logic. This API is released as a couple of COM DLL files.
2. we built GUI application on top of above COM API.
3. we made a tool to compile all of our Lua scripts, by calling Lua API function "compile".
4. we ship our API DLLs, GUI application and compiled Lua files to our customers.
5. Our API DLLs interact with compiled Lua files at run time.

When we tried to debug our Lua scripts from Decoda, we set the GUI application as "Command", and pointed "Symbols Directory" to the folder where all the PDB files of our API and GUI application stay. After pressing F5, the Decoda output window did not show any warning, whereas our breakpoint in Lua script was not hit either.

We're wondering if Decoda supports this kind of debugging? How should we set up if it does support?

BTW, looks like if we change Lua script file extention to anything other than "lua", Decoda does not treat it as Lua file any more. Is this customizable?

Thanks in advance for any information.


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    I noticed you posted this a long time ago, i just joined the forum.

    I use Decoda for this, do you have the lua source code building with your application? or is it a DLL?

    i have my source embedded, so the PDB files help decoda find the embedded code.

    Also, when it runs, use step into, not start debugging. This will step-into the first line of lua code.

    not sure about how you compile all your lua scripts and if that has an impact.
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