Debugging lua with c++ simultanously

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In my project i am calling lua scripts from c++ code. I want to debug lua and c++ simultanously. Can anybody help me?

For example this is my c++ code

#include <stdio.h>

extern "C" {
#include "lua.h"
#include "lualib.h"
#include "lauxlib.h"

/* the Lua interpreter */
lua_State* L;

int main ( int argc, char *argv[] )
/* initialize Lua */
L = lua_open();

/* load Lua base libraries */

/* run the script */
luaL_dofile(L, "test.lua");

/* cleanup Lua */

/* pause */
printf( "Press enter to exit..." );

return 0;

And this is my lua code meta.lua
function add(x,y)
return x+y
print (k.." sonuc")


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    Under the Debug menu there is an option "Attach System Debugger". If you select that, it will automatically launch your C++ debugger (most likely MSVC) when you run your application from Decoda. You can then use the C++ debugger to debug the C++ code and Decoda to debug the Lua code simultaneously.
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    Thank you for your answer.
    But my problem is that; when ı start to debug from decoda side, it starts to run until where ı called lua file then it says :
    "This application requested the Runtime to terminate it unusual way. Please contact with application's support team for more information"

    And Visual Studio gives an error:Unable to attach to the crashing process. The requested operation is not supported.

    How can I solve the problem
  • lualualualua Join Date: 2008-08-22 Member: 64870Members
    I solve the problem. My lua files were not at the same directory with exe file. moving them to same directory with exe solved the problem.

    I want to debug lua and c++ at the same time. is it possible???
    For example ı wanna put breakpoint into c++ and lua.
    when i debug from decoda ı want it to stop at the breakpoint where ı put in c++.
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