TWG XI Pregame

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<div class="IPBDescription">It's about time.</div>Took eight days (and nine hours), but we finally did it.

<b>Bold means you posted on THIS thread</b>
<i>Italics means you have peon on IRC</i>

<b><i>1. Freak83 [EST]
2. Eternaly_Lost [EST]
3. im_lost [PST]
4. Xentor [EST]
5. Chakuu [EST]
6. Gwahir [EST]
7. Zor2 [GMT]
8. TheMuffinMan [GMT]
9. doomchica [PST]
10. Mouse [AEST/GMT+10]
11. Isamil [EST]
12. Aldaris [GMT]
13. Thansal [EST]
14. Harrower [EST]</i>
15. iggymatrixcounter [EST]
<i>16. microcosm [EST]
17. wonedslackystyle [EST]
18. Ana [CST]
19. lolfighter [CET/GMT+1]</i></b>

Oh, and Active Observers:
<b><i>1. Comprox
2. Petco
3. Theslan</b></i>

Also, I'm going with im_lost's idea and changing the Guardian's role so that he has a reduced change to successfully defend the same person multiple nights in a row: it's 100%, then 2/3, then 2/3*2/3 = 4/9, etc for consecutive guardings of the same person. If they change the person to guard, the counter resets.

<b>For those that don't remember, we're in the IRC channel #ns-twg on</b>

Once again, the game details:

<i>Number of Players: 19
Number of Wolves: 5
Number of Other: 1-3 active observers
Special Roles: Seer, Psychic, Guardian, Random Vigilante, 2 Lovers
Special Note: No death first night.

Lovers (as described by Mantrid): There are two Lovers. If one of them dies, the other dies immediatly from sadness. Lovers are randomly picked, so it is possible that a wolf and a civilian may be lovers.

Random Vigilante: A random civilian is designated as the Vigilante, without being told. At each night, every civilain will send in a PM as a Vigilante would; either selecting a player to kill, or not killing anyone. Only the chosen Vigilante's PM will be acted on.

Active Observer: A normal spectator with the added bonus of being able to post on the thread.</i>

Let's hurry up so we can get this on the road!


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