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    QUOTE (Stue @ Nov 17 2002, 11:44 PM)
    QUOTE (BobTheDog @ Nov 17 2002, 05:05 PM)
    As an asside, the in-game help text says that the paralysis doesn't hurt your target, but I was in a game, and the death-text said that an onos killed a marine with paralysis, so DOES it hurt you, or does the game blame paralysis if you die from anything while paralyzed? confused.gif

    I killed someone today with parasite wow.gif
    And i thot it was only to "tag" the enemy for hive sight. Must be a bug.
    Well and logically parasites arent THAT good for health too anyway.

    Parasite does 10 dmg. Thanks for reading the manual. biggrin.giftounge.gif

    (At least I think it says that it hurts marines.)

    Now I KNOW that primal scream does not hurt anything but I have a screen shot of 3 PRIMAL SCREAM KILLS!
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    Does paralyse work all the time??
    Or is it a percentage chance of happening?
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    Wow, Def, if you tell me you've won every game with your "capture the hive" strategy you must be playing on some amazing public servers. Man if I even get half my teammates to listen to me then I'm ecstatic. I'm practically crying with happiness.

    I think you may have overstated things a bit.
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    i've won many times as commander, maybe lost one due to a skul rush.

    I also do CTH strat, it really works.

    then i keep progressing and look over my units every second, establish bases outside hive and SIEGE siege.gif .
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    QUOTE (ViolenceJack @ Nov 17 2002, 12:05 PM)
    it doesnt take long to build up 3 hives compared to getting enough rps to get most if not all upgrades for the marines and been able to produce hmgs/glaunchers and ha.

    If you pop around a corner and see an onos it is really hard to be able to run from it, now that ppl will relise that they can paralyze from a distance then it just becomes lame, it doesnt even need much energy as well.

    I think there should be a limit to only 1 onos on alien team and when he dies there is a fairly put time limit before there can be another meaning if aliens have 3 hives marines still have a chance.

    Sure, while we're at it lets also limit HA to one marine per team, and also only one HMG and GL.... Riiiiight

    It's simple, the point of the marines it to NOT LET THEM GET 3 HIVES. If they get 3 hives and Onos, you can pretty much say game over (yes there are cases when marines still win after aliens get 3 hives, but generally 3 hives as alien means gg, aliens win). Now I dont think a commander is a bad commander because the aliens get 3 hives (that is, if he secured the hive but lost it to the aliens), the comm also depends on his team, and you cant always prevent it. It's like saying the aliens suck if marines manage to secure a hive. It's part of the marines losing, they lose the hive and lose the game. You cant claim because they lose a location they suck. Say you hold a competition, in the finals one person will beat the other, that doesnt mean the one(s) who lost sucked (he/they still scored second place), the other player(s) just were better this time.
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    QUOTE (ViolenceJack @ Nov 17 2002, 11:14 AM)
    That has to be the lamest weapon in the whole game especialy when it is given to the strongest character the game. I thought it was fine at first until i reliesed it actualy shoots, the way it looked i thought it was just a close combat thing but it shoots and you can be paralysed continuesly and not be able to move. That weapon needs to be altered, either remove it or give it to a class that can easily be killed not the hardest thing in the game.

    The way the weapon is in the game it is more of a single player thing, I had to leave a game cos some **obscenity** head just kept paralysisin me and i couldnt do anythin about it.

    Its quite bad saying this cos all the sad ppl will find out it actualy shoots and start really really **obscenity** off loads of ppl making ppl leave more during a game confused.gif

    I was doing that to a person last night.
    If it was u then tounge.gif - but my team had built a forward base right outside yours. I couldn't get around it right away, so I figured the best thing to do would be to paralyze any/all Marines that I saw until I got over our structures (we were doing the final assault on the Marine Base).
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    I always thought paralyze sucked, now that I hear its ranged..... it doesn't suck, but there is almost no point of using it when you are onos. If anything, skulks would need it instead of parasite or leap, whatever is fair.
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    QUOTE (Def @ Nov 17 2002, 12:28 PM)
    QUOTE (xioutlawix @ Nov 17 2002, 12:22 PM)
    QUOTE (Def @ Nov 17 2002, 11:54 AM)
    QUOTE (Thansal @ Nov 17 2002, 11:40 AM)
    ussually when aliens have all 3 hives they also have most of the RP's. I still agree with what i said earlier.

    "If aliens ever get all 3 hives, marines deserve to die and thier commander should never ever be allowed to comm agian. PERIOD"

    the most important issue for me as commander is to get to the nearest hive ASAP and setup a base there, and THEN go get more RP's.

    Hehe, so you've never slipped by accident and had the aliens take BACK a hive from you? I personally have taken hives that were guarded back plenty of times. Does this mean those commanders I've played against who finally lost the hive to me don't deserve to ever play commander again? That's a pretty broad generalization there.

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    Oh god no, please not another Quote War....

    I suppose I also have to admit I never knew paralyze was ranged. Actually, to be perfectly honest I've never even used it, period. I saw the Paralyze weapon model and figured "tentacles = close range." Actually, I don't even think I've ever been paralyzed as a marine either. Seems to be the least-used attack for the aliens (well, maybe second to Babblers). Wow, I've really got to try that.

    I assume there's no delay between attacking and hitting, right? Kinda like Parasite.
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    Use it. It's good. Freezes the marine in place. Then you can run up and kill him without too much mess and fuss.

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