Combat Gorging

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<div class="IPBDescription">Works for me, anyway.</div> Lots guides out there for the "offensive" aliens for combat, so here's my little contribution to the much neglected gorge, or 'phatteh' as he's known to his friends.

Of course you still start as a skulk.
This sucks, because you want to be a gorge. Still, there's no way around it.

So, you chase around, nibble on some marines, maybe hang out while your friends do, eventually you get to level 2.. woohoo! Upgrade time. Gorge right?

Well, only maybe. In the beginning you have many options, but let's face it, gorges with no upgrades are simply experience on four legs for the marines.

So what to choose for upgrades? I tend to split it up into priorities based on how my team is doing. There are three general states I use:
Winning: My team is kicking marine rump. Marines are whining about spawncamping.
Losing: Marine team is kicking our rump. Hive keeps getting hit.
Holding Steady: Not sure who's quite winning yet. A little damage to the hive, but nothing serious, a little damage to the command chair, but nothing serious.

As how my team is doing changes, I change which priority list I use, so it's quite possible to get a varied mix from these. They all wind up the same, which is what I use for the combat gorge.

1: Slot 3
2: Slot 4
3: Celerity
4: Silence
5: SoF
6: Carapace
7: Adrenaline
8: Gorge
9: Regen

The reasoning? You're a skulk. The weapons make you more deadly when you can get in and use them. Celerity, Silence, and SoF help you to do that quickly. By the time you get the higher levels, they're probably getting some JPs and stuff like that, so it's time to play web-slinger.

1: Gorge
2: Adrenaline
3: Slot 3
4: Slot 4
5: Regen
6: Carapace
7: SoF
8: Celerity
9: Silence

The reasoning? You're losing, so make sure the hive is healed as much as possible, you'll make your levels from that. Adrenaline is a must for effective hive-healing and webbing. You'll need to regen between waves, and survive during the waves.. of course it helps to know when the waves are coming. If you last til level 8 or 9 you might be able to start pushing back.. time to speed up and go quiet.. after all, nothing draws bullets like the sound of heal-spray or web-slinging.

Holding Steady
1: Silence
2: SoF
3: Carapace
4: Celerity
5: Gorge
6: Slot 3
7: Slot 4
8: Adrenaline
9: Regen

Bit of a mix. Silence and SoF means ambushing heaven. You'll want to hit gorge fairly quickly though so you can keep the hive well prepared and start laying down webs.

You'll note none of these has focus. The reason being, as gorge, you're better off webbing your opponents and giving them two spitballs before dropping a second web, rather than webbing them up and giving them only one focussed spitball.

Now some brief strategy:
You're only allowed a limited amount of webs. Make them count. Think before putting one up.. is a marine likely to come through here? If he is, at what height?

When you do place a web, try to make it as long as possible. Corner to corner in large rooms type thing.

Always web the rear entry of the place you're hiding in. Nothing sucks like trying to heal up or heal the hive and feeling the marine knife enter your backside.

Put a strand directly over a vent exit, or directly underneath the vent so that any pesky jet-packers who climb out get stuck for a moment.

Don't fire your webs directly at your target. The web blob itself isn't sticky. It's the strand between two blobs. Try and put it just a little ahead of the marine. Webbing the floor is as effective as webbing at ankle height, and is seen less.
Webbing the ceiling is not near as effective as webbing at head height or a little above for JPs.. they don't slide along the ceiling very much and tend to go up and down a lot.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.. work those little legs to stay alive longer.

Use spit at a distance or on lone opponents and lead your targets. Use healspray when up close or in a group, it has a wider spread and can hit all of them at once.

Don't feel like you have to babysit the hive all the time. It can heal up a little bit on its own, and if you can drop a bile-bomb on the command chair, you've done a good chunk of damage to it.


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    I'll give combat Gorge a go, see if I'm any better at it.
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    edited April 2004
    I seem to trust my skulking skills a lot more, for my wargorge I tend to go in this order:

    2: Celerity
    3: Focus (Yes, many would consider me a focus ****, but if you see my spit kills, you'll shut your face)
    4: Leap
    5: Carapace
    6: Adrenaline
    7: Regeneration
    8: Gorge (or if you're in deep trouble in the hive, Xeno)
    9: Web (or gorge, if you haven't already)
    10: SoF (Because I don't have many other interests, and this helps when gauging when to charge MS and web/bilebomb the chair)

    Not so interesting, but none-the-less effective (and apparently, annoying to fight...)

    I also posted a wargorge guide a short time ago, I'll link you guys up in a moment.

    Edit: Here's your link: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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    Wow, someone who wrote a good guide <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    Nobody understands the value of none-focus gorge! Hah!

    I spit people to death all the time, if you get good with it you can land 8 out of 10 spits on a moving marine, and since you're gorge, they don't move very often and usually just "take the spit". What ends up happening even if you do die, is a wounded marine is easy pickins for a skulk. They so underestimate us <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    One thing: DONT BILE BOMB PEOPLE! I see it so often in games, someone wastes adrenaline bile bombing a marine <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    It doesn't hurt em!
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