Combat on an xmenu server : The cybernetics rush

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just something to inspire the regular pubbers
This was on some server (187, 185, asero - I don't remember) on co_sava. I do a lvl3 hmg rush with cybernetics for a while before the aliens are fed too much. No need to flame me, I already know I wasn't playing that well. In the end, the marines still lose.

Download : NS 3.1 : demo

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    When offering a download it might be a good idea, to tell people what kind of file they are dealing with...

    A good example would be to name the version of ns, that was used to record this demo. Especially because there are currently 2 versions.

    Anyway: Once i finish DLind and figure out what is inside that archive I will giv you my most valuable opinion.
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    I'm not really looking for your opinion, nor am I forcing you to watch it, but I did add detail about what type of file it is - thanks.
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    This is pretty cool. Thanks for putting it up.
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